Yakuza Lover: Volume 1 – A Chance Meeting

With this manga comes another exploration into something that I was infinitely curious about. Especially since Yakuza and normal people having relationships with members or former members from those organizations seems to have been on the raise recently. There were some things that I knew about this manga walking into it, but I wasn’t completely prepared for what appeared in the manga or how it was presented. What I am getting at is this manga is rated mature and it is rated mature for intercourse. Consensual intercourse if you wanted to be sure of that fact. It’s pretty hot honestly and I felt a little embarrassing watching a couple in action and I was reading manga and am used to mature content. I’m just saying that should say something.

Yakuza Lover starts with how a lot of stories like this generally start. A college student named Yuri went to a college party with her friend and upon seeing how awful guys are, leaves the party and gets involved in a situation beyond her control. Still, she stood out to the new guys who wants to assault both of them and she impresses a certain young Yakuza higher up by the name of Oya who she finds immediately attractive. He gives her his coat and takes Yuri and her friend home, but in returning the expensive jacket, Yuri encounters him once again and finds herself under his allure. After that, Yuri becomes his women that he meets from time to time for very intimate interactions.

The great premise and a great idea in a somewhat manic pixie kind of love story, but I can’t help but think that the structure of this manga isn’t going to be up to everyone’s tastes. I looked at the ratings online and on MAL and it’s pretty clear that it’s not to a lot of people’s tastes. Especially since each chapter of the manga is a time skip from the last one. In some ways, it really hurts the romance between the two but then again, this isn’t like a normal romance. Oya is a dangerous yakuza person who must be on the run a lot or goes through a lot of dangerous activities every once in a while due to the nature of the yakuza life style. Or at least it is for the dramatization for this. With Oya wanting to keep Yuri safe, she is going to be left wanting between meetings with her boy.

For all those weird structural differences compared to most normal stories, the chemistry between Oya and Yuri is really good. Maybe a little too forceful in some ways, but Oya always gives Yuri the chance to leave at anytime and he will never return or fall back. All of which means that a lot of the manga comes from Yuri wanting to interact with Oya more and more like an addiction. I do think that the manga has doomed itself to doing broken apart unless it wants to spend more time building the relationship into being more normal. With the current vacation arc at play at the end of the volume, all of that lust and attraction is going to have a more normal turn for a while. I am very curious about where that goes from here.

With that comes a lot of thoughts towards Yakuza Lovers. I think reading this is complicated and not for the explicit content between Yuri and Oya. Mainly because this is an introduction chapter into the world of this relationship and a lot of time is dedicated to making the relationship feel beyond understanding and normality. It feels so wild as a result of that. So in the end, I had fun and it was good but not great yet. The art work and the character designs are fantastic and there is a lot of potential for this story to go somewhere interesting. I suppose that we will find out how this relationship moves forward in the next volume. I am very curious to see where that volume will go and what will appear for his to learn. I suppose that will mean waiting for a while.


If what I said makes you curious, you can pre-order volume one of Yakuza Lover in a lot of places that Viz Media offers their services. Please click on this link to know more: Link .


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