Exploration of Voyager’s Two Stories

This post is a response to Voyager’s, from Galvanic Media, call and post for some looks and advertisements for his two projects, so here I am. You can find his post on these activities right here : Link.  I have been reading his two stories every week when I get the chance, so I feel like I can do or say something about both stories. In the future, if any of you have a project that you want me to look at or talk about a bit, let me know. I am open to writing about other people’s passion projects if I have the time and energy to do so. Please let me know if you do.

For this post, I will just writing a little bit about each of the stories following after giving Voyager’s Synopsis’ for each of them. I hope that’s ok, because I am doing it now. No one can stop me at this.


Beacon. A pillar of light. A shining example, illuminating the way for the rest of the world. In this state-of-the-art metropolis, education is paramount. Everything is designed to cultivate the next generation of innovators in science and the arts. A true city of savants. And then… there’s Morioka Mio – a remarkably average First-Year girl who nobody knows exists. In a brutal competition where everyone is extranormal, how can anyone survive who’s just extra… normal?

You can find this story here on Honeyfeed: Link and an edited version of it on Voyce.me: link.

Extra/Normal has twenty-one chapters of context, so there is a lot to dig into regarding its world, it’s characters, and generally what the premise is and I think it’s really good. If you are a fan of shonen action series where tournaments and fights can happen, this story is for you. For all of its simple characters and writing, you can feel something for them and their relationships. Especially since simple can be very relatable because not everyone can relate to super complex characters.

I really like this story’s cast because they feel complete, you know? Not all of them have their own arcs or have completed their own personal stories yet, but there is a good chemistry between them even if they don’t get along very well. Mio is adorable and has started to find herself, Ragyou is always exciting to watch because of how bold and energetic she is, Diana is starting to lighten up a bit, and Charlotte still has some mysteries behind her. I also like the relationship with all the two teachers as well. Very good cast that you want to root for.

Also, the action scenes are pretty well written as well. You never get lost in what is going on, every action matters because there is also some sort of piece of growth, and the abilities each person has is a lot of fun and provides some very creative fight scenes. Very much like JoJo in a way but in a way that actually makes sense and not made from a crazy man that just does things for the sake of doing things. So that’s nice. Maybe more explanation in the future would be nice, but now this is ok.

If I had some complaints, which feel minor considering that Voyager has apparently been writing some characters for these girls to fight, is that the tournament hasn’t been as much of a focus as it could be at this point. They’ve only been background things like either talked about by teachers or small fights here and there rather than training. As a training arc liker, that’s fine for me, but maybe that will take one reader out of the experience if they aren’t as into the characters.

Ghost Light Exorcist

Kamimura Kitsu is a girl of unremarkable origin. And she’s perfectly happy with that. Just an ordinary – if a bit unfortunate – First Year High School student. One whose life takes a turn for the extraordinary when a dangerous encounter with her mysterious senpai pulls her into a world of spirits and exorcists.

You can find this on Voyce.me here: Link

I don’t have as much to say about this one because there is only six chapters out right now, so I can’t really say a lot about it. In general, the concept is good. The story itself is a little too quick to fully establish its characters and setting right now. Everything feels like it relies too much on tropes for characters and it’s setting right now to split apart of anything else. I wonder if this arc intentionally went into super speed to make a much better second arc and beyond. I feel like with everything set up, everything should slow down for a bit to explore things a bit more and we can get some exploration. There seems to be plenty of potential of exploration because we don’t know about the world yet.

Hope you enjoyed this post and found some new things to read. If you have personal projects in the future that you wish want to see a later audience, please let me know. Thanks.

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