A Call for More Curiosity

I was originally going to make a tweet thread on this, but I think that creating a blog post for this was a much better idea for this. There is just a lot of misunderstandings that comes from one tweet getting focused on versus others. So here, let’s get this one out of the way. I think that a lot of problems in human society comes from the lack of curiosity and the need to be comfortable. For example, us with European origins come from either barbarian folk who roamed free and/or people building high castle walls to keep out the nonexistent monsters late at night and other people we don’t know. There is a fundamental thing that comes from people just wanting to stick with what they know and barely wandering outside. A lot of problems come from people justifying their positions instead of reaching outside more. Oh btw, this article is about anime. Let’s just discuss that fact instead of everything else I mentioned for now.

Let’s discuss the short life of people in the anime fandom. It’s supposedly two years, right? Can you imagine why that is? So many people start with a limited variety of anime, right? Shonen Battle fans don’t usually wander outside of that realm willingly a lot of the time. I also don’t see people who enjoy older science fiction anime don’t usually wander outside of the sphere. I am not going to say that about just other people. It took me a long time to break out of just watching older science fiction and gundam anime to try other things out. I mean, I’ve finally got around to trying different sorts of things. I honestly feel like if I didn’t try to watch more genres and demographic focused anime, I wouldn’t be in the fandom as much as I am. Even with the vault of older anime out there, watching seasonal anime has allowed me to try more things which dug me into trying older works of the same variety.

From my experience and watching other fans, I think there needs to be a call for anime fans to be more curious than they are. If you are already trying different things every week, then this post isn’t about you. This is about people who build walls around their own interests and make justifications about shows they enjoy when they are outside of those walls. “Oh, this anime isn’t like those other types of anime at all. Uh uh, nope.” Do you know how dumb that line of logic is? Stop making excuses for things you don’t know about just to keep inside of your own personal castle. If something has a weirder art and animation style than usual, but has a genre and story you like, try it out. If a seasonal show or a just a show in general shows up you find at least remotely interesting, try it out. Be curious, don’t be afraid. If nothing works out, what do you lose besides a little bit of time?

There is certain line about how “curiosity killed the cat”, but I don’t think watching anime threatens peoples lives. You know, unless you are watching anime on your phone while driving a car or walking in front of a lot of people while watching anime on your phone and not paying attention to what is going on. You shouldn’t be doing those things anyway. If anything, I don’t think there is anything wrong with not liking things either. If you don’t like something that you tried, then your pallet still expands because you know something that you don’t like now with certainty other than just “yeah, I won’t like that”. I feel like just going on a randomizer on Crunchyroll or anywhere that has one is helpful in this regard.

Do I feel like this blog post is going to change anyone’s world? No. I doubt I will change minds. I don’t think the text and words of some random guy on the internet are going to ever be considered that valuable or even considered then other people. I’m just saying that there is a weakness in our community that would help make it much more fun and varied then before. I also guess someone had to say it and turns out that person was me. Welp…


  1. I agree completely!

    There is an idea that one’s idea about what is “good” is set when you’re young and never changes as you age. Ideas that were current before you were a teen/young adult get rejected as old and irrelevant. Ideas that emerge as one gets older are rejected as fads and too radical.

    Whether something is good or bad or unimportant does not depend on the time frame it was created in. A curious mind is always looking for good things, whether they were created a thousand years ago or just coming online right now. Anime is no different.

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  2. Agreed. Some of my favorite shows like Saki are ones that I just started watching on a whim one day without any expectations and ended up completely flipping out for them.

    And then there’s the corollary to this lack of curiosity: people who stubbornly insist on completing every series they start watching even if they hate it. Which also contributes to the problem, because if someone with that attitude is looking at a 40-50+ episode series, if they aren’t already reasonably sure they’re going to like it (or at least be able to tolerate it) then they probably won’t bother starting it in the first place.

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    1. That’s how Chihayafuru became one of my favorite anime series. It blew me away with it’s character drama.

      Oh yeah, that’s the part addition to all of this. Can’t say that I am a fan of doing that and going for pain when it’s so unnecessary.


  3. I’ve thankfully always been fairly open about new things, anime or otherwise, but I can’t deny that people tend to stay in their little box too often. And it’s such a shame, really. There’s a whole world out there to experience. Locking yourself away like that will make you miss out on so many things you could love. I always thought I didn’t like slice of life, but as I’ve been watching more, I’ve actually found that I like the genre a lot when done well, and it can provide me with an experience I couldn’t get anywhere else. It never hurts to try.

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    1. It took me a lot of time to open up and try new things. I’ve finally realized that I do like idol anime, some magical girls, and some other series. It’s a lot of fun!

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  4. You missed the opportunity to use the whole quote, “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back” which I think it a more fulfilling part of your idea.

    I totally agree that other’s should expand their horizons, but try not to do it blindly. A review or just checking a score to keep expectations in check helps. A few friends of mine have gotten pretty burned by just going at it randomly. Then again, randomly discovering stuff is also one of life’s simple pleasures!

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    1. I wish I knew the full qoute, so that shows how bad I am at knowing general knowledge.

      There is some fun in just trying random things, but a guided way is definitely better…

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      1. No worries, it’s one of those quotes that has been butchered for decades. It’s only coincidence that I know the whole thing lol.

        A mix of both seems to be the sweet spot~

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