Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2021 Anime Season Week 5

Seasonal Ratings:

-Just because something is lower doesn’t mean that it’s a bad show to me. If I thought a show was bad, I would drop it.
-Back Arrow is sir not appearing on this list.

Mars Red Episode 5

Found on Funimation

While the colonel is out, which isn’t for long honestly, the chaos will start. Sqaud zero is out there trying to stop the insanity provided by a Vampire Lesbian duo. A duo that was supposed to join Squad Zero, but was killed by their butler. With that insanity in motion, a new troop of vampire soldiers in gas masks destroy the vampire zombies (or ghouls). We also learned that the reporter had a relationship with our class A ranked vampire in Zero and the colonel met with the play writing blond vampire. Lots of complicated things and political things in motion. I think last episode was more interesting showed a lot of promise.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 5

Found on Funimation

While not as good of an episode as last time, this one was only a smidge off from being as good. Why? So many things. A breaking down Akito as his god hood is put into question, Shigure finally saying that he is a sociopath, the meeting of characters to make curry, Ayame’s wish to stay with the person who he’s with, Machi and Yuki almost meeting. So many good things. The main core of this episode Momiji having his curse broken and learning that he can be happy despite losing his real attachment with the Sohma family knowing that he can’t be with Toru. There is freedom in knowing that he can be out in the world and one day can find himself and the world around him. A very sad yet very happy conclusion.

ODDTAXI Episode 5

On Crunchyroll

Well, talk about a set up episode to a bigger plot that will occur next episode or later on. Lots of information to parse through like Odakawa picking up idols and their agent, the agent working for our Yakuza baboon’s yakuza agent, a college student on social media wanting to go after the baboon, the baboon working with the alpaca for her debt, a college student gold digger not liking Odakawa’s friend, and so many things explained through very loaded conversations, lots of small bits of subtexts, and even obvious lines that are obvious on purpose. ODDTAXI is just building some great layers.

To Your Eternity Episode 4: Dropped. Didn’t watch

Back Arrow Episode 18

Found on Funimation

Well, the shoe came off finally. Is anyone else surprised that Back Arrow is a Goku like person who hit his head and forget his purpose was to destroy everything? That’s the reveal here with Lutoh as the sacrifice to destroy it all. Arrow is the destroyer and destroyed all of Lutoh’s attacking army by obliterating them. So yeah, who know the obvious trap of what was beyond the wall who was actually a trap. How will Grandedger survive this one? Arrow was able to stop his powers, but for how long? As usual, protagonists are fighting against god once again. Hmmm, one of my favorite episodes of this show.

SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 6

On Funimation!

Well, that was definitely a low-key middle episode if I ever saw one. Such great character drama with Koyomi getting drinks with his former middle school crush, her husband showing up, and then he ends up drinking with Mujina, one of the Kaiju Eugenicists. Such relatable content. Yomogi goes out with his mom and her boyfriend and he has an uncomfortable time and at that same moment, Yume disocovers more about her sister Kano and sees a lot of Kano in Yomogi so there are some good things going on. I love how Gauma and Koyomi have one big goof up situation with the Eugencists after this all>

The major things that happen are at the end as usual. Mujina and Oniju summon a kaiju together and have one of the most powerful kaiju with four legs shows up and destroys the Dynazenon completely. What happens when the Kaiju is about to finish Dynazenon off, best boy Gridknight appeared to save the day. That’s the midseaosn reveal I wanted to see. Now things are shaken up a bit more.

Vivy ~Flourite Eye’s Song~ Episode 7

Found on Funimation

Another set up episode but this one has a bit more world building from Vivy’s perspective in the world of idols and music. I am beginning to wonder how many years it has been since the jump, but I am guessing 7 at the moment considering that it’s been 12 years since the Sunrise incident. Anyway, Vivy joins as the top singer of a coming festival and she has run ins with her newest sister model Ophelia who not only knows how to sing well, but is clumsy. Plus, Vivy gets ghosts from the past and has changed a lot. Now, Matsumoto has shown up, who Vivy doesn’t remember, and wants to stop Ophelia’s suicide. Uh oh. A great episode here.

86 Episode 5

Found on Crunchyroll

Wow, this show has such great direction. Even when there is only a small amount of things that happens on screen, the tension is always there. So what happens this time? Lena prepares for a dance, the 86 are attacked by the legion again, Lena is absorbed by the truth of what Shin knows, and a possible plan to end the 86’s and the republic’s terror before the legion obliterates them. The Legion stealing human brains to increase the length of their attacks on San Magnolia is crazy and they will die.

Thunderbolt Fantasy Season 3 Episode 5

On Crunchyroll

This episode was a fantastic putting chess pieces into play for the future events kind of episode. The Engimatic Gale and the Dark Monk have twisted a lot of methods in order to find their way into the people trying to return the kingdom controlled by demon bloodlust to normal for their own needs. One faced that kingdom directly to get into that place and another used their charisma and well timed bluff checks in order to do this which resulted in multiple parties making it into the Void Junction again. At the same time, we learn about Shang’s backstory about why he ran away from this kingdom and why he didn’t want to come back to see the warrior he caused to be hurt. Absolutely solid episode.

Moriarty Part 2 Episode 6

On Funimation

IF anything, this was the most competent episode compared to everything else that has happened so far. This time, it’s only a minor scuffle for the redo of a case that happened last episode in order to get the innocent out of jail in order to destroy a draconian part of the Scotland Yard. It involved James Bonde doing some James Bonde things (weapons, driving a motorized charior) and being sneaky to that draconian place to get the right file to Sherlock and it involved Lestate not letting go of his own idols to do it. It’s very simple and supposedly a set up to something. I can’t help but think it still tastes wrong though. It’s a little too weak for me.

Megalobox 2: Nomad Episode 6

On Funimation

An absolutely fantastic episode this week with some complicated situations in order for Joe to help his kids even at the cost of his own life or their morales to him. It involves a chinese restaurant that some baddies took the deed for after Sachio fought for the restaurant’s morale standards. First that leads to Sachio fighting a goul, but eventually turns to Joe doing for him in a fixed match. A Match that everyone bet on joe for only for him to just lose like he did against the opponent he lost too before he left. He did get the deed back, but only after money was made from him lowering himself again. The end result of the kids still being mad to him, even though he couldn’t talk to them due to that inherent anger, was very human and flawed. This show’s writing is just fantastic.

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