(ARC Incidents Data Files) Chapter 7: Micro Machines

This is earlier then usual in regards to when posting this, but I do have a special thing appearing on Sunday that will be a lot of fun. For now, some not so exciting things about the universe of ARC Incidents. Read this in a better method here: Link.

Micro Machines:

Microscopic machines devices in the atmosphere of ships that monitor that live in the atmosphere of the Noah 3 and other ships constructed by the Earth Grand Council. A standard piece of ship construction. Each one gives feedback to a central computer unit in the space ship for multiple purposes

-Monitoring the Atmosphere:

The atmosphere on the Noah 3 and other ships are kept uniform by micro machines measuring pressure and temperature 24/7.

If something goes wrong or an area is out of sync, the ship works to solve that issue by itself unless the solution is too complicated for machine use alone. Think of it like a self managing air conditioning system.

ID Scanning:

Unlike a lot of other science fiction series, there are no badges or id cards in use on the Noah 3 or other EGC (Earth Grand Council) space ships. Instead, micro machines are given crew member’s ID data to perform this purpose. (Though, back up badges and IDs exist in case a problem happens).

Only available in ship personal areas.

-Holographic Interfaces

With help with the ship’s computer, every citizen of Noah 3 can summon holographic interfaces for daily work with a keyboard that has feedback when pushing a key, finding a location through GPS instructions, and everyday things at a moments notice. To do this, the micro machines connect together in specific areas to create these screens.

They can be called by the user slashing their arm down with intention. Users can expand their screen size without resolution by grabbing around the corners and dragging to whatever dimensions the creators want. 

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