The Great LiSA Collab (A Poll Inside)

This was a collab based around AMQ (Anime Music Quiz) where LiSA songs have a tendency to show up quite a bit and she’s awesome honestly. LiSA has one of the best, most powerful, and most recognizable voices in the music business and other people seem to agree. Well, they at least showed up to share their opinions about some good LiSA songs. Especially since she doesn’t have any bad ones. A massive you to K from K at the Movies, Moya from the Moyatorium, Jon Spencer from Jon Spencer Reviews, and OwningMatt93 from the Back Loggers for joining me in this collab :).

So, the idea behind this collab is relatively simple one. Each person talks about why they like a certain LiSA OP and ED and then you guys will vote on what you enjoyed at the end of the post. Each paragraph that the collaborators wrote is preceded by a youtube video of the opening so you can listen to it. After listening to each OP and ED, please vote down below. You may notice that Crossing Fields from Sword Art Online and Gurenge from Demon slayer aren’t here. Well, no one picked them and I think that’s ok. Just know that they are still here to listen to on your own time when you feel it!

Let’s talk about some cool LiSA openings and celebrate how good she is because she is fantastic.

Note: You have one week to respond to the poll!

Name: Owningmatt93
Song: Rally Go Round

To me, LiSA is one of these musicians that loves to make songs that are high-paced and high-energy, which is why many of her popular openings feature a lot of action scenes and combat. However, Rally Go Round is kind of unique in this regard since Nisekoi: isn’t an action show by any means, but is a romantic comedy instead with this season in particular focusing more on the romance aspect. While typically more pop-like songs are used for OPs of romance-type shows, Rally Go Round stands out considerably because of it’s rock-like nature instead. Nisekoi: isn’t a standard romance show either though, with a bunch of crazy shenanigans that happen in the midst of the already complicated love triangles that have formed between the characters. LiSA’s Rally Go Round really just nails the concept of the show, not only on the lyrical front by matching those sorts of chaotic romantic feelings, but also the stress and anxiety that can go with those feelings with the high-tempo and intensity of the song. It’s just a really interesting twist on a love song that I think accurately reflects the show and all of the musical elements used within the song as well.

Name: Jon Spencer Reviews
Song: unlasting

When it comes to LiSA’s music, it’s hard not to feel like she’s omnipresent like other big industry names such as Angela or Eir Aoi, just to name a few. In spite of this feeling though, she really hasn’t done all that much considering, which is a real shame. While some of my compatriots here are likely to submit one of her more prominent OP’s, I’m choosing instead to share an ED of hers from Sword Art Online:  Alicization – War of Underworld. I like this song because it’s one of the more unique sounds LiSA has produced while still sounding like something she’d do. It’s somewhat somber but just energetic enough that I can’t help but casually listen to it, not as an “anime song”, but a genuinely good piece of music.

Name: Scott
Song: dawn

From a visual standpoint, this opening isn’t special. It carries a sort of tone to it that makes the series a lot more playful than it is without anything interesting to it. The real winner here is the music itself because it’s the most unique type of music that I’ve seen from LiSA. Usually, she takes over a lot of the songs with her fantastic voice in a way that only she and a few other great singers can do. This time, she’s much more call in response to the music at hand. The music goes downward in terms of chords and LiSA brings it up again back and forth. It provides an interesting cultural perspective into the show itself because the show itself provides a large variety of them into one sitting. That and LiSA shows much more range into what she can sing and do and I love it. I don’t think I will ever forget this opening.

Name: Moya
Song: oath sign

My favourite LiSA may not be my favourite opening from Fate/Zero, but that’s only because I’m fundamentally biased. The song’s energy level crescendos in a way that’s become recognizable as quintessentially LiSA, and the theme of hope and faith in its lyrics fits the first half of Fate/Zero so well. Fun fact: it was written by the same guy who wrote the lyrics for “Connect,” the opening of Madoka Magica. The anime opening’s visuals match this – interspersed between scenes of destruction, there are snapshots of each party in the Holy Grail War carrying about their family lives or staring fixedly into a distance those around them can’t see. “I’ll go anywhere, shouldering this tainted miracle.”

Name: K at the Movies
Song: Rising Hope

LiSA produces straight bangers, so you can’t go wrong with a lot of choices. For me though the answer is Rising Hope, the 1st opening of The Irregular at Magic School. There’s a reason why Risa Oribe is the queen of anime openings and they’re all on display during Rising Hope. I think LiSA best attribute is fluctuation of tempo. Slowing down giving opportunity for some more somber toned visuals, while not losing pace to the ultimate buildup to an anthem bop. I think it shows the range of LiSA’s vocals while also feeling like another iconic LiSA opening. The argument that I can bring that nobody else will, I hate irregular. Something about the sister kisser main protagonist who squashes all tension without as much breaking a sweat didn’t do much for me. Still despite my bias despising this series, Rising Hope is still awesome and did such a great job is gave me a rising hope that the show would eventually get better. Nothing against GARNiDELiA who did a fine second OP, but it’s such a downgrade. It might not be the most popular, it might not even be one you’ve heard before, but I think it is great example of what an anime OP should be. A great presentation of what the show has to offer and hyping you up to watch it!

The Poll!


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    Hey y’all! I know it’s been a while since we posted anything, but that’s because we’ve been rather busy throughout these past month or so. Since that’s the case, I have been recently participating in collabs with some fellow AniTwitter members and AniBloggers, and this post is one of those.

    In this post, me and the others talk about some of our favorite LiSA music tracks from anime and share why we think they’re top-tier picks. There’s a poll too and you can vote on which you think is the best one! Give it a look if you haven’t already!

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  2. LiSa is absolutely fantastic for sure. I can’t think of any song by her that I didn’t like. My favorite from these would be Unlasting so I went for that one but Oath Sign is very close. She also has a very distinct voice, no matter what anime it is, when she starts singing you just know what’s up.

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