Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2021 Anime Season Week 8

Seasonal Ratings:

-Just because something is lower doesn’t mean that it’s a bad show to me. If I thought a show was bad, I would drop it.
-Back Arrow is sir not appearing on this list.

Mars Red Episode 8

Found on Funimation

After last episode being the best one, this episode was pretty good too. It felt like the biggest kind of play start of a second act with tons of atmosphere built around it. Mostly from Kurusu wandering from place to place, the topic thing of vaccines turning people into vampires, and the wanderings of vampire tropes all over the place and him just wandering around lost, trying to help. He does run into some actual people that need help and his former partner’s wife, but that’s it. I enjoyed it though. A great stage placing for a lot of things moving forward.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 8

Found on Funimation

Another easy episode to explain but is heavily emotionally destroying through finally seeing everything from Kyo’s point of view through his story of hanging out with Tohru’s mom and the eventual “I didn’t save her when I could have”. It’s pretty heart wrenching and incredible stuff in general with Tohru eventually deciding that she loved him anyway causing him to run away and yuki running after him. With Akito coming out of nowhere with a knife, this conclusion is going to be interesting. Fantastic episode though. Damn son.

ODDTAXI Episode 8

On Crunchyroll

Back in tip, top shape, this episode was so good. Everything that happened last episode pushed characters into different places that make complete sense and every card seems to be on the table now. Lots of stakes, lots of complicated things, and just excellent story telling. I dig it. The idols are working for Yano, the lottery ticket the college guy got is a major thing set in motion that Odakawa attempts to stop, another one is creating his own campaign against Dobu, Odakawa is still working with Dobu but clearly betraying him with a message sent to the good police officer, and Dobu’s gambit coming soon. The out of work doctor also diagnosed what Odakawa has to find people very quickly. With natural dialogue, it all makes sense. Looking forward to where this all goes next episode. This show is so great and intriguing.

Back Arrow Episode 21

Found on Funimation

People against god. Man, this episode felt like a season finale then anything else but we still have three episodes left. Everybody on Lingaland has joined together to fight the god known as Rudolph and whether or not they are victorious is unclear right now. Through gar and passion, the fight raged on. Also, Bit helped the combat so much through his own gar of transforming the Granedger and then joining the DaiRekka for more power as well. Pretty incredible stuff here. I feel bad about Zetsu passing away, but he did take Rudolph’s power. Also, that appearance of giant Shu at the end was interesting.

SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 9

On Funimation!

A wide variety of emotions showed up in this episode, damn. The first was Yume actually confronting her sister Kano’s ex and asking why she didn’t save him. Yomogi was put into a similar spot were, during a conflict, he can to Yume’s rescue. Combine that with Chise somehow connecting to a Kaiju that knows her heart named Goldburn and through trust and understanding with even Gridknight, all three forces join together to defeat the powerful Kaiju and save the city. What a beautiful transformation sequence and animation sequence here. I also loved the quiet festival that all of the Dynazenon and friend’s crew make for themselves considering that the original one is over. What a fantastic way to end all of this then.

86 Episode 8

Found on Crunchyroll

What can you do when you are one cog in a machine that refuces to operate? What if that machine is an entire country ready to obliterate a certain group of people so they don’t have to think about their sins. What if doing something only made it worse? These are the questions that Lena has to consider all while Shin and his last four unit friends are going to attack Shin’s brother. Lena listens to Annete’s own story of trying to push away the 86 after they were forced into camps or hidden while her father used 86 test subects for the ParaRaid system. And not to mention her Uncle blatantly telling her that the elimination of the 86 is what the country wants because they don’t want to think about the problem. Oh man, one person cannot change society, so what can they do? Will Lena end up joining Spearhead Squadron? Things to ponder. Absolutely my favorite episode of this show so far.

Vivy ~Flourite Eye’s Song~ Episode 10

Found on Funimation

Well, this was the episode where it all gets revealed for Vivy. What Matsumoto’s personality was, why Vivy was locked away in a museum due to her losing her ability to sing, and her attempt over years with some help from the AI Matsumoto and a young boy whose growing up over the years to help her out to leave the museum over years spanning time. With the Grown-Up boy’s child, Vivy finally finds it. Too bad the AI are killing human beings and using a distorted version of her song to keep them going. Uh oh. This episode was ok I guess. Nothing amazing and nothing stellar. I just wonder how this show will end in 3 episodes.

Thunderbolt Fantasy Season 3 Episode 9

On Crunchyroll

With all that tension of an alliance that will shatter apart in seconds, we go to this episode where all of it shatters apart in seconds. First, the noble man who betrayed his kingdom is told to do nothing while wtching for a change to get the sorcerous index from Shang when times come. So what happens? The Engimatic Gale tries to hatch his own plans and it gets a little too much for him. Shang and Lang break into the demon room and do some damage, they fight with the demon scrying tool on the way out (though Shang told Lang to destroy it) and Shang and Lang are sent into different points of time. The Engimatic Gale is being possessed by sword waifu, the monk went after Shang and Lang and is missing, and who knows what those two betrayers are doing. Such wild times. This was so much fun. I love this show.

Moriarty: The Patriot Part 2 Episode 9

On Funimation

So, we are back in bad town huh? While most of this episode is good with some thoughtful betrayals and very good parts of character drama, I can’t help but think that this anime’s want for a shonen battle formula is really betraying a lot of it? The fall of Whiteley’s family is good stuff and his attempt at black mailing Milverton was interesting and showed how naïve he was, but there was a shonen battle knife fight we didn’t see and Bond didn’t do anything to save his family. That ending moment where Whiteley was stabbed by James Moriarty himself in front of a crowd was very stupid. He exposed himself because he actually did it? Why would he do that after hiding his image so well? How does Sherlock not know who he is at this point? Some of the thoughtfulness is there, but a lot of it is just gone, gone, gone.

Megalobox 2: Nomad Episode 9

On Funimation

An exceptionally good slow down and set up episode for this cast but it is all good stuff. The stuff about Liu surviving and yet never being able to fight again was painful, but so was Mac realizing that he’s slowly losing his mind as he can’t remember his matches anymore and his kid being completely scared of him. All of this and the tension of Joe’s life and him rebuilding the gym comes into focus when he and three of his kids work hard to save what was built in a typhoon. The appearance and development of the chip create by ROSCO that is helping Mac is helping him to become the main villain of the story. In the future, I see a match between Joe and the man replacing him, Mac, happening in the future as Joe comes to understand his responsibility. All of this pushed by Rosco himself. This show is so good even in its slower episodes.


  1. Kind of relative I guess but it seems like this week had the most movement from the chart above. Nothing too drastic although it looks like 86 and the Taxi show had a particularly good episode which is always fun to see. Onwards and upwards is always for the best. With the shows nearing the climax (Or at least most of them) it’ll be fun to see which ones stick the landing

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