Jon Spencer Showcase: June 2021 Edition Start Up!

Hello everyone, it is that time of year where the Jon Spencer Showcase has appeared around these parts. Before you join in on the fun here, check out the completed May Edition of the Showcase on Jack Scheibelein’s blog Animated Observations right here: Link! Jack did a fantastic job collecting and summarizing each post that was presented to him during the month of May. Be sure to support him and many other creators by looking at that one first.

After you do that, let’s get down to business. Since I had a small theme last time, Aria had a theme during her Showcase, and Crimson and Jack had their own themes once again, I decided to go for one again also. So this month, you are all joining Celestial Being. If you don’t know who that is, they are a independent group from Gundam OO that seeks to create peace across the world by fighting all the other parties with their gundams. Congratulations, you are joining a secret military organization that has more advanced technology then the planet Earth below! Nothing will go wrong with this at all….

Celestial Being’s ships: The Ptolemaios 2

To join this month’s tour and Celestial Being, either comment below with a post that you want added to the tour, follow the tweet below to submit your post while using the hashtag #TheJCS while tagging three other people, or tag me on twitter @MechAnimeReview with the #TheJCS while tagging three other people. Please be sure that the post you wish to share post comes from the month of May. It’s that simple. To make it even more simple, here is the tweet that you can use for this scenario below. Click on that and you will find where it at.

Be sure to share your post by the 29th of June so I can go over the completed post on the Wednesday (June 30th) so I can post it on July 1st around 7 am. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all join the tour for this month and other months in the future!

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