New “Elitist” Anime List

Have you ever google searched elitist anime and see a very specific picture? What about seeing that picture of elitist anime that appears on twitter every once in a while? If you haven’t, try google searching now and see what you can find. When you do, you will notice a very select list of anime on a picture that are supposedly intellectual in one way or another. You know, the stereotypical list of series for the kind of people who stereotypically think they are better than other people. Did you ever notice something about those lists? They stop around 2010 or so. I haven’t looked very hard and I don’t want to, but I still haven’t seen any list of newer anime like that. I’ve been so curious.

This is the concept behind this post. I don’t want this list to be taken seriously, ok? Please don’t. Let’s just enjoy anime together and not point fingers at each other at our own tastes. In concept, this just sounded so much fun to me. Ummm, create your own if you want to. Join the chaos! Muahahaha. For this list, I am sticking to the late 2010’s to now. I will include an anime that is currently airing because it would fit the lost that I am going for without even trying.

Maybe this is a bit of a self-call out post, but here is a list of anime that people trying to be smart enjoy:

Mars Red

Found on Funimation

This anime is airing right now, but it easily fits this list no questions asked. It is a series set in Japan’s Taisho era and features some complicated politics about Japan building a vampire army during the time period where every country in the world agreed to down size their military and navy. It also has a “fallen” love story and is focused on the play. This is the kind of anime that Mamoru Oshii would have made in the late 90’s with Jinroh, and I think that’s all I need to get my point across. Still, I recommend it. Just have a bit of patience when you watch it.

Vinland Saga

Yeah, this one first the scale too. While this is the story of a young viking, named Thorfinn, who had his father killed by the wonderful and mischievous Askalad in which is the mercenary group he joined to eventually get his revenge, there is a lot of heavy stuff going on. The cast in general is great, but it is a very solid historical fictional tale that lives and breathes in the world it built. You know, England back when England was controlled by the Anglo Saxons and London and the world was merely an ideal. It’s somewhat like Legend of the Galactic Heroes in that way and can be a bit slow and heavy with blood and gore as well, but it’s an easy recommend to people who are newer to anime and people that love historical fiction with great heroes.

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

Yeah, this one easily fits into this list too. Why? Rakugo is not something a lot of us westerners are familiar with. It’s a one man or woman play where a performer sits down in front of an audience and tells stories with different voices for different characters. A classic art that this anime is sharing with us as it also explores that medium’s purpose in the 1960’s and 1970’s as medium changes. With it’s great cast of characters and a love story that feels much more complicated then a lot of anime but it’s really well done. It’s one of my favorite anime that aired recently but it’s a difficult subject matter for people not interested in some parts of Japanese culture.


A series about intrigue, politics, a possible coup, and lots and lots of bread and deserts. That is Acca-13 in a nut shell, but there is some more complicated things to it as well. It’s the story of an inspector named Jean visiting the 13 different districts of the nation of Dowa in which each one shares a little bit of their society when going on to eat. There is also a coup in motion and you have to wonder when and where. The show is so relaxed in tone despite that underlying plot and has some good characters which share the tension inside of it. I realize this one might not be for everyone, but if you get it, then you get it. 

Mob Psycho 100

It might be a bit of a surprise to see this here, but all in all, this series really isn’t popular with a lot of people. One would think that one boy with psychic powers working for a fraud to solve super natural situations and curing ghosts would be popular, but I think the overly expressive art style is what pushes people away from it. It’s very beautiful and creative which fits the psychic power and mind being sorts of personality to it

Vlad Love

I’m not done watching this one yet, but yeah…Vlad Love is much more pretentious then would expect a series featuring one human girl and one vampire girl living together would be, but it is. After the blood club is joined, it jumps into it when referencing older films that no one in an anime audience has probably watched or whatever Mamoru Oshii has on his mind when working on different episodes. It’s fascinating, but I know that it wouldn’t hit everyone’s tastes at all. I’m struggling to watch it myself despite how fascinating it should be. I think this is the only anime that fits into the modern elitist anime because only elites can enjoy it probably.


These were the anime that came to my mind when I thought of the modern, “elitist” perspective. I was thinking about adding ODDTAXI too, but I decided to go with one seasonal. Thanks for stopping by and possibly link what you think would fit this list from the past 5 years or so.


  1. Good list. Yeah, those elitist anime images do only include older series, so it needed an update.

    I thought Mob Psycho 100 was fairly popular, but maybe it has that kind of niche popularity — really big in its way, but not among the general public.

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  2. This is a really interesting thought experiment! I think my elitist list would be more artistic. I think I would include ID:invaded, Flip Flappers, Silent Voice, Natsume Yujincho, and Flying Witch. All these anime are visual knock-outs and have interesting stories.

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