Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2021 Anime Season Week 10

Seasonal Ratings:

-Just because something is lower doesn’t mean that it’s a bad show to me. If I thought a show was bad, I would drop it.
-Back Arrow is sir not appearing on this list.

ODDTAXI Episode 10

On Crunchyroll

Well, all the components of a major anime heist are in motion and I am so excited to see how everything turns out. You know, because there is a lot of twists and turns happening with all sorts of complicated things. Heists are always fun to watch, but seeing a very complicated and counter heist occurring is crazy. Especially with all sorts of things being set in motion and plenty of ways that so many things can go wrong. Why is this happening in the first place? The college student won 1 billion yen and others want it and the guy himself is ok with not getting any of it.

The strongest thing again is Odakawa setting up his own side and components to make it happen. He has his own little group considering the amount of deals Odakawa made his deal with Dobu, the talent manager involved witih Yano, and the good police officer who knows everything going forward. So yeah, a less interesting sort of episode for ODDTAXI, but I love everything going on here. So yeah, fantastic once again and everything else. This show is just consistently good.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 10

Found on Funimation

Talk about finally taking someone to task here, haha. Lots of resolutions are in motion here and I do like it, haha. Not a lot of Tohru talk though, which is interesting. People do visit her at the hospital, but all she does is run away from Kyo from the end and that makes sense considering their last interaction but I wish she did speak. Maybe we were supposed to feel the void of her conclusion? Either way, there is a lot of tension and some resolution going on here all sorts of ways. All really related sorts of things here.

It’s good that Arisa finally got to talk to Kureno over and actually be demanding to be in his life and not letting go. Good for her. I also really like Yuki and Kyo finally getting their differences sorted out in the name of Tohru leading to Kyo passive aggressively confronting his father. You know, then that fast chasing between the two morons and such. Also, I really like that Yuki got called by Machi too to escape his dark place as well. Everything the crew has set up has finally arrived here and it’s paid off pretty well. Finally some ok times are possibly going to happen and there is more to come.

Mars Red Episode 10

Found on Funimation

Wow, this show is really living up to its reputation of being related to a stage show, huh? I really like that fact. Besides the vampire units at Teminya’s place helping out and building a flying machine for the future, there is a lot of theatric things going on besides the literal theatrical show. Our young and blond vampire went out to save Aoi and was caught in a situation where he can die in front of her thanks to the new vampire from England. For instance, the appearance of Vampire Maeda at the end is such a cool and threatrical thing that I can’t help but love it. I just wonder how that situation will resolve itself because Maeda can’t do anything either. Regardless, I love this sense of craziness and sense of stage play. I really want to see where this goes.

SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 11

On Funimation!

With that sense of the Kaiju possibly never returning maybe and the finding of a five thousand year old mummy that went missing from a museum who is Gauma. The poor man is dying as everyone else seemingly goes back to normal life. Koyomi starts searching for a job, Chise goes back to school feeling unfulfilled, with Yomogi and Yume visiting Kano’s grave and wanting to go out with each other. Finally, Knight and the other kaiju leave before Sizumu show themselves as the ultimate kaiju to all of this and with the group united, the episode ends.

Back Arrow Episode 23

Found on Funimation

I don’t have much to say other here other then the Rekka and Edger crew joining together to meet and defeat god. You know, after realizing that Lingaland is only one piece of land in a bunch of areas like it created by god. Rudolph and his attempt at compressing all the citizens of Lingalind together until the crew that left came back to defeat Rudolph once again before finally meeting god for real. Who could it be other then an older Back Arrow. Wild times in this episode and I can’t help but really love it.

Vivy ~Flourite Eye’s Song~ Episode 12

Found on Funimation

I feel like if I cared about Vivy’s journey anymore or the side characters we just met in general, I would feel something about this episode. It is an episode about Vivy’s failing at convincing the AI to not destroy humanity. People die, the AI use the contorted song again to continue to kill all the side characters we met using the tower’s extensive security protocols and such. Just a basic science fiction episode attacking a base with some music. That is it honestly. I am just so bored at this point and the small time jump to the before times here is just whatever.

86 Episode 10

Found on Crunchyroll

This episode was a like a kind short film. The Spearheads are outside of what territories they’ve know before and made it to an abandoned imperial city from before the Legion attacked. Plus, there is some bathing scenes, some good character chemistry, and a lonely Shin hearing voices from a former 86 member of the legion whose asking for death. They know their time alive on the outside is limited due to supplies so they do the best they can. The last few minutes with Fido, the robot, as we see his memories of Spearhead and people talking to him before his own inevitable death later on. What a way to end an episode. Creates some great chaos and doubt for what is to come.

Thunderbolt Fantasy Season 3 Episode 11

On Crunchyroll

Well crap, this is the bad guy’s episode and it is so good yet so horrifying. Especially with demons making some deals with the evil humans. The Engimatic Gale is possessed by the sword and is being punished, the demon sisters, dark monk comes back so they use him to get the original demon’s sword back, human villains have their conferences about trust now that one of them has the sword index. Poor Wife Guy is dead and his wife is going to be tormented with his own body while Shang is locked away in a horrible place. Man, this episode was hard to watch in so many chaotic ways but once again, it was really good too.

Moriarty Part 2 Episode 11

On Funimation

I just…at this point I don’t think humans are writing Moriarty at all. So many rushed conflicts and “yeah, this is happening because we are smart” all over the place. Especially this episode where Milverton, Moriarty, and Sherlock were in one room and Milverton expected Sherlock and Moriarty to shoot each other based on false pretenses and then ends up getting shot? The hell? We are also skipping over the fact that Sherlock is doing this for John (which is understandable) and Mary who he just met and just knows where locations of places and special events where people are meeting. There is no detective work here, just knowing through godly powers where things are happening. That ending scene where Sherlock turned himself in is the most confusing thing in drama that doesn’t make sense.

Megalobox 2: Nomad Episode 11

On Funimation

Man, this show really hits hard in some many good and interesting ways. The positive side is after Joe’s hospital recovery and joining with his former crew once again as he asks them whether he should do it. I really like how all the themes and things he’s suffered in this story from his drug addiction to Chief’s Megalobox gear to asking his family whether he should fight Mac and the answer is yes. His last match with all the support behind him as he could get. What more can you ask for?

On the other end is Mac who is a man that is slowly losing his mind as he attacks his family in terrifying ways. Now he’s just a man wandering from place-to-place by himself as his body is being ruined forever. ROSCO industries is being as sketchy as possible, Shirako industries is trying to stealthy step away from them ROSCO. So, there is some good tension leading up to all of this while there is an outside media scape not even realizing what is happening. Man, some things are going to explode here. No matter what though, the chaos is crazy and beautiful. What wonderful bits of humanity.

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