Some More Jazz Ballads

I haven’t has much time recently to do as much writing or anything else as much as I want, so I split up the audio recordings I was planning to put out by a week to stretch them out a bit. Please enjoy a little bit of trumpet music and also follow this blog if you want to. I post on Scott’s Muse very inconsistently and that was the plan from the start with it. It’s just not as high priority as this blog and it takes longer to make sure music at least sounds ok. Have fun 🙂

Scott's Muse

After a two month hiatus, I have returned with some more Jazz Ballads! Yay! Out of all the songs in the jazz book itself, I just find these much more enjoyable to play. Not because they are slower and easier to play, but because they challenge the player in different ways. Fast and loose songs require a lot of technical skill and precision. Ballads require the player to be much more restrained and have good intonation. Fun times by the way!

I put the two songs in a playlist this time. This is just an experiment to see how well it works. You know, because experimentation is pretty cool after all. The two songs I chose are MISTY and My Ship! Yay!

I used my new microphone and I think you will tell what the difference. I mean, you will be able to hear even more mistakes this time but…

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