Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2021 Anime Season Week 11

Seasonal Ratings:

-Just because something is lower doesn’t mean that it’s a bad show to me. If I thought a show was bad, I would drop it.
-Back Arrow is sir not appearing on this list.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 11

Found on Funimation

If a heartwarming episode was ever completely possible in Fruits Basket, here is one of them. Especially since it follows immediately after last episode with the Tohru and Kyo foot race. Finally, after who knows how long, the two accepted their love for each other and it was just so pure. Plus, Akito and Tohru had their own discussion beforehand before Akito let go of the curse holding each of the Sohma family together. While there is loneliness from not having the bond anymore on each of them. It’s crazy to see the backstory of all of this and see how the entire thing was twisted by lasting so long as so many things do. Gah. I loved it even with the melancholy of just being human. We all are lonely after all.

Mars Red Episode 11

Found on Funimation

A lot of things happened in this episode but it was also a lot of set up too. Colonel Maeda showed up and caused Aoi’s harm, a quick look at Teminya’s backstory, General Nakajima was kicked out of the military for being useless, and Kurusu saved Aoi on a flying wing despite the heat where our boy vampire Defrot was talkinga bout his journey. With all these in motion, I suppose its time for Defrot to attack Rufus and I am not so sure about our current vampire corps. It’s amazing how many small movements are going to happen at a short amount of time. So a good episode and nothing else with lots of kid moments, character moments of excitement, and a little exploration about the harshness of being a vampire.

ODDTAXI Episode 11

On Crunchyroll

I was waiting to see how Dobu and Odakawa’s plan was going to fail. Now we know. After one of the idol’s push for wanting to lead her idol group led to her killing her competitor out of jealousy, their group hides the missing/death of that idol through a replacement. Also, she has a relationship with the young comedian whose career seems to be boosted through his sense of positivity.

With her actions and the hidden body being found by police, everyone’s plans are shaken. The manager of his idol crew can’t be on seen and Yano has the loto ticket owner, who is now saddened by the reveal and doesn’t care, with them. Yet, everything is still going down on Christmas. With Goriki’s reveal of Odakawa’s past, there is a lot of craziness to consider going on here. Yet again, another fantastic episode.

Back Arrow Episode 24 (Finale)

Found on Funimation

Man, I am going to miss this show. It’s very such a very good and classic look at super robot shows and while anime shows and movies have tried to have that sort of energy, they’ve had no sense of success like Back Arrow has. What happens? The finale show down with Rudulph in which characters find the strength to fight from the spirit couple of the emperor and dark fine while the others struggle against god with lack of conviction.

With that faced together and the truth of Lingalind revealed, the world comes to a conclusion with Back Arrow and Shu Bi leading the way to these things never happening again. The system of Lingalind has accomplished everything and the Baby it was created for is finally going home. I am going to miss these characters and the show.

SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 12 (Finale)

On Funimation!

Oh man, talk about a banger of a finale. It has everything from Kaiju vs transforming robot fights in many forms to our cast working their hardest in order to defeat the enemy and end their personal relationships with the kaiju side, and so many other things. Even a dying Gauma gets in on the action to defeat the kaiju once and for all and the conclusion is sad yet happy.

The spirit of the kaiju and all the kaiju related fighters and robot units disappear and now the characters can only live out their lives. Koyomi finds a job, and Yume and Yomogi live out their school lives whether or not they are a couple which is a fantastic way to end the story. The only one we don’t know about is Chise as she continues to not go to school. I’m worried about her own future.

Vivy ~Flourite Eye’s Song~ Episode 13 (Finale)

Found on Funimation

Yay, it’s finally over. The just average show that just has its finale and nothing else. Vivy has another chance and gets TOAK to join her somehow at fixing human kind and AI. We are supposed to feel something as Vivy talks to Matsumoto and Navi before her singing starts because that is where the tension is. Can Vivy sing her song to save the human race? Well, the answer is yes and there is absolutely no tension as she sings in a way that stop all AI kind as Elizabeth resets the tower and stops the satellites from falling on Earth. The end with some bit of finale as Vivy is woken up by Matsumoto in the future. That’s it. Yawn.

86 Episode 11 (Cour Finale)

Found on Crunchyroll

Well, that was a pretty good finale. That one last time we get to see the last five members of Spearhead alive with a nice visit to a classroom and Shin’s attempt at keeping the four members alive when they couldn’t dodge the legion anymore and, as far as we know they are dead unless they are turned into legion members. We don’t know because it’s anime. The most important moment to me was Lena visiting their base when its empty as she reads the final message from them in sadness as she takes the black cat with white paws home. Dang, A-1 really turned this one into an art film and it’s better for it.

Thunderbolt Fantasy Season 3 Episode 12

On Crunchyroll

This was the turnaround episode where all the singular plots were revealed. All of those tensions were held behind. Dark priest wanting to control demon sword waifu all his life, but the demon’s true form and leaving the guy behind with an empty sword was so good and yet so I feel so bad for the guy. The leader assigned to get the sword index for his kingdom was able to get his crew to join him, Can Yun was not actually stabbed and was the Engimatic Gale and turned back through his waifu, Shang is still behind bars as far as we know, and The Engimatic Gale is free to do whatever he wants. It’s wonderful. I loved this episode so much!

Moriarty: The Patriot Part 2 Episode 12

On Funimation

I just…what is this? The hell is going on? Remember when this show was about a genius killing people in clever ways? Why the hell is the lord of crime, James Moriarty, out there right now stabbing people at night after deliberately threatening publically to do it? The show attempts to create so much tension doing this leading even some of them betraying him by getting Sherlock to help. For all the cold logic that used to be there, why is no one actually stopping Mortiary from doing it? You know, like the police? Also, very interesting that the crime lord made Sherlock’s whole thing a perfect crime making it look like he didn’t kill anyone? The hell? I hate all of this.

Megalobox 2: Nomad Episode 12

On Funimation

After some set up and some considerations, the battle is in motion towards the end of all of it. Joe happily has everyone on Team Nowhere and Yuri helping him out for the match. Sachio is actually helping to customize his gear and it all feels so comfy. On the other hand, Mac is driving around the city and drinking after almost hurting his own kid. After some inspiration talks with some cops for once regarding his own life, he eventually heads back to fight under the terms of fighting his own way by ROSCO. Of course, ROSCO agrees for now but I wonder about it all. But for now, the fight is about to start with both contestants present.


  1. Shame that it sounds like Moriority hasn’t been nearly as solid as it started out. The premise is just so interesting.

    Also, always odd to see so many shows ending a week before what I’d consider the true end to the season. In a way it seems like almost half of the shows ended here. Of course we’re one step closer to the next wave so I’m looking forward to seeing which shows you pick up and which ones end up being the next big hits

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    1. Yeah, the premise of Moriarty is good but they could have thought it out a lot more or something. There is such a huge disconnect.

      Yeah, I agree with that too. Some of them started earlier and some had double episodes as a premier so it’s really hard to judge in some ways honestly.

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