Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2021 Anime Season Week 12

Ok, confession time. I didn’t make the usual graph. Unusually, I worked in the heat today and didn’t get into some anime watching at all until later in the day so I am just tired. Plus, there isn’t as much series to discuss now that the season has ended.

Just know that OddTaxi and Thunderbolt Fantasy are on top, Moriarty is on the bottom, and everything else is in between.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 12

Found on Funimation

This does feel like the happily ever after moment. Not because its perfect considering that there are years of damage to think about and consider, but because the couples have formed for the future adventures. That being said, this episode was such a powerful tear jerker. Not just because of the powerful moment of confession between Machi and Yuki while everyone watched, not just because of Akito trying to apologize and creepily start a relationship with Shigure, not just because Kyo and Tohru plan on going far away afterwards, but because of all it. Especially including Kyoko’s goodbye to Tohru while she was dying on the street. That was too much. Damn.

Mars Red Episode 12

Found on Funimation

I feel like this episode went through everything a little too fast? Part of this episode was about Rufus’ raise and fall. Rufus has power he never has had before and he’s also a weaker vampire. Defroot mounting his revenge in the way he did was so powerful and I love that portion. It just went too fast? The combat between Colonel Maeda and Kurusu felt a little too forced as well? I know that Aoi is running to stop it for all dramatic purposes and it’s been well set up, but it still felt out of nowhere. Same for the death of the vampire corps.

ODDTAXI Episode 12

On Crunchyroll

Oh man. This episode was everything. Every single moment of pay off and every moment of chaos throw into one. Why? It’s the heist episode and everything feels so small yet every moment is meaningful in its own right. The heist between Dobu and Odakawa went off despite some small issues. Yano and Yamamoto were caught by the police, Dobu stole their moment, and so on. That last moment pay off when Dobu was the one behind the gatcha game and ebay accounts was stellar because that angry man finally shot him leaving Dobu to die or be picked up by the police. I feel like Odakawa was expecting that? Also, Yano and Yamamoto chasing after Odakawa in the end was great as well. Wonderful bits of karma everywhere.

Thunderbolt Fantasy Season 3 Episode 13 (Finale)

On Crunchyroll

Well, that was the crazy finale with all sorts of twists and turns. For a season finale of a show which will continue onward with craziness, all sorts of godlike sword fights, bloody puppets. demon abilities, and a tragic variety to all of it. What really drove the diving wedge home was the fact that the two villainous parties weren’t even separated. The demon lord was on all sides of it all along and that’s incredible. There is nothing to do but hopefully get the heroes to win in the end of all of this. That crazy revelation sets up so many things to happen. Give it to me! I want more! Give me the puppet wars!

Moriarty: The Patriot Part 2 Episode 13 (Finale)

On Funimation

Yeah, I hate this finale. It feels like a bunch of band aids for a lot of the problems put into play. I guess its just a smaller Code Geass conclusion with so much less character emotion to it. Moriarty lights London on fire in the slums just to get the nobility in motion to acknowledge them and finally help. Yeah, that’s kind of dumb, guys. You didn’t cause any sort of change, just maybe five years to a generation of change until everything returns.

That moment between Sherlock and Holmes was also pretty dumb. I just don’t think this anime understands people or has the highest luck at how people can change ever. Even Code Geass knew that people don’t change that quickly and all of that was on a world scale. Here, you just talked to some nobles into finally helping people and that’s it. Gah, just die.

Megalobox 2: Nomad Episode 13 (Finale)

On Funimation

Perfect finale for this show. Finally, everyone has a way hom and no way dies as a result of anything. The match between Mac and Joe was phenomenal with all sorts of people pushing their hearts and love. Sachio throwing in the towel at the right moment for Joe after a great match of skill and daring was nice and it’s so cool seeing Team Nowhere return to where it was before. I also really like Yukiko’s conclusion in how she deal with the new chip. She stepped down, Rosco was arrested, and the chip is open o the public for research and development to the future. A very cool way to do that. Plus, everyone found their spot or place to be in the future and left the past behind. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful


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