#TheJCS Jon Spencer showcase: June 2021 Edition

Hello everyone. As the title says, this is the June edition of the the Jon Spencer Showcase. What is that? Well, it’s a monthly special event around the blogosphere and other content creators from different parts of the internet. So what I am doing is that I am sharing a lot of interesting posts that other people choose to be the favorite things they’ve produced the month before this. What I am saying is that this is the best of the best from creative people who know what they are doing when advertising themselves. If you want another example of this, Jack Scheibelein ran the May edition of #TheJCS on animated observations. You can read that post here: Link

This month, you are all getting an internship into Celestial Being. I was wondering about what creative thing that I could pull for this month and this is what came to mind. Why? Because it’s Gundam and it’s fun. Why not join a rebellious group to create peace in the world by fighting. Sounds like the cool thing to do especially since it comes with space ships and giant robots. With that comes into splitting every piece of media that were provided into different categories. How? Well, you will see how soon. Let’s dive into this session finally.

Links are bolded!

These people are upfront and talk about anime in different ways which is similar to the multiple ways on how to do it. These people are perfect people to become Gundam Meisters. (Plus, we might need some meat shields….so….)

The Struggle of (Not) Having Thoughts on AnimeThe Moyatorium

Do you ever not have thoughts on something? Mainly pieces of anime? What if you just agree with other people or generally disagree with other people and/or your past self? Here is Moya’s post about these things as she discusses her own problems with these concepts. Give it a read. It’s very relatable.

Anime Corner: Great Pretender ReviewNever Argue with a Fish

This post is Chris’ fantastic review of Great Pretender, the fantastic crime caper that appeared on Netflix last year. A story about a boy who got involved with confidence men to scam people. That’s all I am going to tell you. Read this post to know more!

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 97 Review – Best In ShowCrow’s World of Anime

Ever popular, here is an episode review of one of the episodes of My Hero Academia Season 5. This episode apparently had a lot of good Bakugo action in it. Hmmm, one day I will watch it when it comes out but you can read Crow’s post here if have to see his thoughts.

Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- Episode 9: Borderless love GEEKNABE

Here is an episode review of Vivy’s ninth episode. I am not positive on the show myself, but episode nine effected Geeknabe in some interesting ways. Read this post to know more.

My Moral Quandry Over CakeIn Search Of Number Nine

86 is an anime that aired during the spring that comes with a lot of complex questions about racism and how society supports it, helping people through social media, war, crime, drama, and so many other things. iniksbane’s post covers his look at his perceptions on how cake relates to those things and how they relate to him. It’s a very good piece. Check it out.

10 Most Adorable INFP Anime Charactersanimegoodreads

The MBTI or Myer Briggs Type Indicator personality test is exactly what it says on the tin, a personality test that exams how you functions. It tells you what four letters characters you, supposedly. This post features the designation of INFP or someone who possesses the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting personality traits in terms of anime characters. Please read animegoodreads post out to know more.

The Ultimate One Piece Filler List Anime GuideMyAnimeGo

Watching One Piece is a huge endeavor. It has almost 1000 episodes and is a lot to dig through. Why? Mostly from filler arcs. Do you need to know which filler arc is worth watching when deciding to start? Read YumDeku’s post to find out!

Detective Conan’s best casesArt of Anime

Detective Conan is another long running anime series and manga about a older teenage detective turned into a kid in order to complete mysteries. One that has ran longer then One Piece. Here, Art looks at a selected list of Detective Conan cases that sound pretty interesting.

Reaction: LINK CLICK (SHIGUANG DAILI REN) is a Must-Watch Chinese Anime of 2021 Yu Alexius

How we define anime is complicated sometimes, but this is a Chinese anime it sounds interesting. I did skim over it a bit because Yu went over all the information about what this series is about in pretty specific detail. It does sound interesting though. Please read this post to watch it yourself!

Re-Dive: The Devil is a Part-Timer: Oh right, that’s why!Shallow Dives in Anime

This is one of those post that tells you everything about what is in it by the title. You know, like a light novel title. The post is pretty correct though. Devil is a Part Time is fantastic and with the new season coming eventually, its a good time to rewatch it or watch it for the first time. Read Dewbond’s post to get back into the mood of watching it.

Revisiting the Nishizumi Style to Understand Shiho and Kuromorimine in Girls und Panzer Through Martial Arts: An Exercise in Sportsmanship and Good Faith The Infinite Zenith

Another post that has a light novel like title to tell you exactly what the post is covering to a T. Girls Und Panzer is a series that revolves, as the title suggests, about girls playing warfare in tanks against other teams. What happens is that each group uses their own specific style and the supposed villanious group caled Kuromorimine uses the NIshizumi style that features brute force tactics with no taking of prisoners. Here is an examination of how that fits into the morals of the series.

Super ClubThis is my place.

In this blog post, Fred covers Super Club, an anime that just stopped airing. He describes how it connects to him, that sense of freedom, and generally how well the anime captures depression and an escape from it. Sounds like a good time honestly. I might have to check it out soon.

Anime Review 193 Space Battleship Yamato 2202 TAKAMAKIJOKER ANIME REVIEWS

An excellent review on the recent latest part of the Space Battleship Yamato 2199, Space Battleship Yamato 2202. Here, Takamaikijoker covers the ins and outs of the strengths and flaws of the series itself. Just be careful to watch for some spoilers.


In celebration of Sailor Moon appearing on some legal streaming platforms, here is a list of some villainous youma from Sailor Moon. They really do look like cool villains. Read Emiko’s post to see them.


Do as the title says. Recommend TheSpookyReadhead some slice of life anime. This is a post of all the things The Spooky Read Head has problems with the genre in general, so see what the title says and recommend her some anime based on her issues.

Worst Anime OPs of All TimeThe Curiously Deadly Cat

Last month a really group of bloggers and I work on a massive project for some of the worse anime opening video where we ranked what the true worst out of all of them are. You can find that attacked to cat’s post. For now, this is Cat’s list of the worst anime openings from that specific list.

Now and Then, Here and There ReviewSpaceWhales Anime Blog

I’m pretty angry that I haven’t been able to watch this because Space Whale’s blog makes it sound so good. A classic isekai, a tale of hope, a hero that refuses to give up, and so many fantastic things. Read Space Whale’s blog post to know more.

Anime Review – Paranoia Agent Collector’s Edition MANINBLACK

Oh man, it’s not often that you see a great review that understands the wonder and flaw of Paranoia Agent, Satoshi Kon’s only anime series he made before his untimely death. He also looks at the various works from Satoshi Kon as well. So, read Man in Black’s review to know a lot of information about Satoshi Kon and other things. 🙂

WOTAKOI: Waiting for season 2 is hard for an OtakuNeeno Noodle Bowl

Oh man, Wotakoi! Wotakoi is a very good and rare anime about adults being otakus and how they maintain their otakuness in a busy corporate worlds. How the relationships feel genuine, and so many other things. Of course, that barely covers the amount of information presented in this post that explores all of the show’s strengths in extensive detail. Read it because it’s a wonderful thing to check out!

Final Thoughts: Demon Slayer Movie Mugen TrainAnimated Observations

Demon Slayer is one of the hottest anime franchises right now. The original series had a massive following and this film is the highest grossing movies in Japan right now. So why is that? I don’t know for sure, but it’s a good film. In this review, goes over many of the many aspects of the film and why those aspects say why it’s a good film. Please check it out.

Breaking Down the Visions in Mashiro no OtoThe Animanga Spellbook

This is one of those posts which makes me wish I understood what the series was about or even knowing about the series. Otherwise, I don’t understand the post as much as I could have because I haven’t watched the series itself. You know, all the mental scapes put into the series itself. Comparing the shows memory scapes with something from series I do help, but the focus is on Mashiro no Oto and if you know that series, then read this post.

Ergo Proxy (Collaboration With In Search of Number Nine) The Review Heap

A part of a larger collaboration between Ashleycapes and Iniksbane, this post concerns itself with a lot of aspects of Ergo Proxy. With how Ashleycapes came into contact with Ergo Proxy and his thoughts on the story itself. A very fun part of a collab and sounds wonderful.

Horimiya Bakanow

Horimiya was an interesting series that aired in Winter 2021 and was an interesting romantic comedy that shook up gender roles and character roles a bit compared to a lot of other basic romances. How, well you know where to read a very good post about it! This one from Bakanow!

Before we get further into this, manga is just another form of comics. Now that that is out of the way, comics blog posts focus on different arrangements of pages like schematics, so they are perfect candidates for engineers.

Joker: Killer Smile by Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino – A Gloriously Genius, Must-Read Graphic Novel for All Fans of the Batman ComicsBiblionyan

Do you ever just have a favorite villain? I mean, there are plenty of us who have tons of them. Well, the joker is one of them because they are just so fantastic and calculated. I never knew this graphic novel existed because I am not a comics kind of person, but this sound fantastic. Read Biblionyan’s post and you might get as interested as I am.

Love Me For Who I Am Volume 3 [Manga Review] Matt Doyle Media

Love Me For Who I Am is an LGBT friendly manga that has made some waves recently. At least the first volume has, but the manga is on going and this is a review about volume 3. This manga sounds pretty great and sensitive about what it sets out to do. Read Matt’s review to know more.

My Top 5 Favourite 2 Volume Manga Seriesal’s manga blog

I’m always amazed by how much manga exists out there. For example, I am only toe deep into the manga world itself and some great person like al knows much more then me. Especially with this post right here. Read al’s post about her favorite two volume manga right here.

Dick Fight Island Vol 1 BL Manga ReviewBlerdy Otome

I don’t know what to say here other then sometimes something is more interesting and innovative then you expect it to be? Looking at a manga called Dick Fight Island, one would be unsure if there was more material, but apparently there is. A love drama, the passion in their work, and so many fun special abilities. It feels like a male version of Keijo!!!!!!!! I am deliberately shortening the review. Read Naja’s review here to know more!

Gaming, whether its a video game or board game, has a lot of strategy behind it. That is why the answer to this category is obvious

Blackjack Bounty Jon Spencer Reviews

I wish I was as creative as some of the people in this blogosphere. Why? Because some of them create fantastic games like this one. Blackjack Bounty is a game based on, of course, Blackjack with some good hooks and unique methods of doing it. Read the instructions on how to do it here! Please support Jon by buying a copy!

Apple Arcade is…surprisingly good?nonplayergirl

In this post, the positives and negatives of the mobile gaming service our explored from nonplayergirl’s point of view. In the circles that I am apart of, and considering the fact that I am not much of a gamer, this is something that isn’t discussed about because there is more chances of games out there. Mobile games are still not treated that seriously. Read nonplayergirl’s post to know more.


This post astounds me in so many ways. It’s not only one of the most detailed reviews that I’ve seen anything of anything, which explores the game play the characters involved with this mystery otome, and other things involved with the closed beta game, but the lay out on this blog post is crazy good. I feel so lazy with my own designs. Need to step it up!


I’m not much of a video gamer anymore, so I constantly intrigued and shocked by how many video games are that I don’t know about. For example, the Atelier series with AK discussing the finale of the Atelier video game series, Atelier Shallie, in this post. A very loving and powerful post about the story of the game itself, the strengths and weaknesses compared to the rest of the series, and so many things. Read this post if you need another good game to play!


Wow, this post shares a game that I didn’t expect to see. The only know I have about It Takes Two is that its a popular duo game online. There is a lot of insidious things about the game no one has ever mentioned. I won’t spoil them for you, but they hurt Frostilyte. Read his post to know more.

Pokemon Black 2/White 2The Almighty Backlog

What happens when a sequel game doesn’t live up to the greatness of the game before it? Basscape explores what Black and White 2 bring back from the original game, but how it lacks focus compared to the previous game in terms of its focus and lack of direction even if it shows how characters from the previous game have grown.

Indietail – ABZUIndiecator

Oh, this game. Do you want an under water experience? One that allows a person to explore the unknown and feel whatever the setting presents to them? One with little game play, but fun regardless. For more details, read this review :).

My Hero Academia Mobile MMO — Let’s go Strongest Hero!The Friendly Necromancer

My Hero Academia is now a larger franchise and comes with a lot of media and fan merchandise to go along with it. Lots of TV episodes, some movies, lots of merchandise, and some games. One of those games is are an MMO with lots of cool cityscapes, characters, and cool combat. Read the Necromancer’s review to see and learn more about it!

People who write posts on live action series analyze the world as it is and can use that knowledge to advance the technology used by Celestial Being in the future.

Mulan Without Mushu: A Live Action Dishonorof midnight ravings

So, Disney continues its march to make beloved animated classics into live action things for some reason. So this post is Chizurue and her cousin’s rants about the Mulan films and the odd decisions that were created in the film. Read this post to read some strong opinions about the film from two people!

Little to View in ‘The Woman in the Window’K AT THE MOVIES

As one character from Macross 7 would say, the beautify of failure. As K’s opening statement says, what if people are fans of a certain style of horror and don’t have the talent to do it? That is how K sees The Woman in the Window in this review. That’s only a short story here considering all the detail K goes over exploring it all.

MORTAL KOMBAT (2021) – MOVIE REVIEW Average Joe Reviews

One of the major surprises was the appearance of the new Mortal Kombat movie. When it came out, there was a wide variety of skepticism towards it, but it sounds pretty fun. Even with flaws, looks like there are things that make it worth it. Read Average Joe Reviews’ post to know more.

MHAM|DRAMA|| It’s Okay, That’s LoveBlack & Yellow Otaku Gamers

Here, Piece of Minty discusses one of her favorite KDramas, It’s Okay, That’s Love. Sounds like a adorable series. Especially with its great cast of characters and cast in it. Sounds wonderful. read Minty’s post to know more!

Stage Report: Touken Ranbu Stage Tenden: Aozora no Tsuwamono -Seige of Osaka Winter CampaignTabibito’s AniStory and Beyond

Do you need to know about the world of Touken Ranbu or sword boys? Do you know about the stage play version of the story with live action fun and such? If you didn’t and you are a Touken Ranbu fan, Lyn has looked at one of the stage shows and recommends it. Especially for production values, action, and excellent acting!

Masters of using complex programs to advertise their points of view, these creators are the ones that will spread the message of Celestial Being now and in the future.

Minisode 6: A Short Intro To – The Animation of Keiichiro WatanabeGET IN THE MECHA

Get in the Mecha is a fantastic podcast run by one of the most intelligent people in the anime community. When they went on break due to finals and so many other things, they created six mini episodes based on different animation directors and creative people of anime. This is one of them. Please check out this episode and all of his other content because it’s all fantastic.

Matthew Waterson Interview (DOOM Slayer) | The Cyber DenJake The Voice

This video is fantastic. IF you are interested in Doom Eternal and a certain character by the name of Doom Slayer, check out this podcast. Jake does a fantastic job interviewing Matthew Waterson! It’s 45 minutes of fantastic content!

[18+] [COMIC DUB] Art of Rhues Comic Compilation #2 (Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss)RyderKRose96

Click on the link to the video for this one because even if you don’t know anything about this comic, like me, watching voiced comics is just a lot of fun. RyderK is one of the voices in these well acted short comics and I just had a lot of fun watching it.

There are a lot of jobs in Celestial Being not mentioned, so there is an opportunity for everyone.

Resident Evil Read-A-LikeNerd Rambles

Resident Evil is a pretty extensive and crazy long video game series and I don’t really know that much about it but what I do know sounds pretty crazy. From the series comes some of the books described by Megan that expand the lore of the series and sound interesting on their own.

Anime Cosplay: Yuno Gasai from Mirai NikkiWretched and Divine

Some fantastic cosplay pictures of Rose as Yuno Gasai as the title says! Yay. She looks great!

April 2021 Funko Pop HaulMatt-in-the-Hat

Not much to say, just look a the 5 Funk Pops that Matt bought in April. He now has 100 of them!

My Old Blogs Names Part 1GEEKOSAUR

This post is pretty interesting. Geekosaur has had a number of blogs over the years and here is the first post marking his history with all sorts of different names and such.

Self Care Sunday,Sailor Otome

It’s hard to put this blog into any category because it is the most typical kind of blog post that you would expect to see, but it’s very good. It’s very interesting to see how other people destress and take care of their mental health. Fantastic food, good music, and other things. It’s very calming and influential. 🙂


I don’t think that I have to say about these other then these are amazing! Look at the wonderful washi tape designs! So cool!


You did it! You have been recruited! Have a certificate. Please fill it out yourself and then that’s all you need. Yes, completely serious about this. If you do, please show it to me! :D. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Thank you for checking out this collection of posts, everyone. Please follow each of these creators in their platforms and everyone is just really good at what they do. Also, be aware that Art of Anime is hosting next month. You can find their blog here: Link and their twitter here: Link. Prepare and/or choose your favorite June post and keep an eye out on when The Jon Spencer Showcase starts on their end. For now, welcome to Celestial Being.


  1. Hey Jon, thanks for the mention! Atelier Shallie isn’t the last Atelier game thankfully, though it is the last of its trilogy within the larger series. Atelier is admittedly ordered in a confusing way.

    It’s great to see everyone’s excellent work compiled here as well. Thanks!

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      1. To clarify: from the title, I thought this was a guest post until I actually went back and read the byline. Somehow after several years of writing here I still don’t understand such things. Please take this as me doing that thing where you bow down on the ground to someone until your head is touching the floor.

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