Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2021 Anime Week 13/Summer 2021 Week 0

For this season only, unless I found another thing to write an episode review of, these recap posts will appear on Tuesdays now. I want to main post that appears to be Getter Robo ARC with everything else following afterwards. Scheduling things during the week is hard, yo.

End of Spring 2021 Anime Season:

ODDTAXI Episode 13 (Finale)

On Crunchyroll

This show was very good and had an excellent ending to it all. A car chase happened which resulted in Odakawa getting chased by all of the police (seemingly) with Yano and Yamamoto behind him for all the cash and faults in the world. Every character being out to see this crash to change all of their minds and their hopes for the future. Same with the crash changing Odakawa and everyone else back into human beings and all the criminals behind bars. What a surprisingly happy final to all of this even if not all things are covered. That’s fine, I was happy.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 13 (Finale)

Found on Funimation

This was the goodbye episode to Tohru and Yuki and it was nice for all of that. Every single person who Tohru touched and connected with had their final moment to shine when talking about or even talking to Tohru. Yuki has his own place he’s disappearing to in college with Machi still being one year behind. I really. Before leaving, I really liked Yuki telling Tohru how all of them felt. It all just felt right. What a simple episode, but I feel like it fits for what this story has to say in its ending. Especially since Tohru and Kyo were happy after all.

Mars Red Episode 13 (Finale)

Found on Funimation

This episode really connected all the themes and developments up to this point in a way that made complete sense. With Kurusu and Maeda fighting, this was the passing of the torch. From Colonel Maeda’s past and seeing how he lived his life like a robot to Kurusu’s present reality where he is doing all the same things that Maeda did but better as a human being with Aoi. That fight made much more sense thematically and had some cool visuals to go along with it as well. In the end, Kurusu won and had Aoi help him maintain his humanity. It’s wonderful. Fantastic conclusion.

Start of Summer 2021 Anime Season:

Hamefura X Episode 1

I am so glad to have this dumb girl back. This episode was a reintroduction to the world of Bakarina and her friends through a festival arc, but it was good. It showed how far the world has come since the ending of the last season. Plus, Catarina is helping her friends out with the influence she doesn’t know she has, still being crushed on by everyone who she stole hearts from, has Maria deeply into her in joining the magic academy for the future, and so many other things. There is an adult couple that joined the group and it seems Catarina has some school helpers keeping her alive. So, there is some forward movement here. I am excited to see where it all goes.

Kageki! Shoujo Episode 1

There is a lot of good things to process in this episode and I really dig that. With this first episode, I officially feel like I know what I am getting into on a lot of levels. A popular idol who was recently cancelled wanted to escape males and one, tall and energetic girl who appears out of nowhere meet at the Kouka Revue Academy and they both make it in. Now, they are also roommates who are heading towards working hard to become a performer at this academy. There were other girls present there who are introduced in a short matter. This should be a good one to watch every week.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 1

Read my episode review here: link

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