Lostorage Conflated Wixoss: The Grand Cross Over

Here we are, the next portion of the Lostorage Wixoss series. Incited was a wonderfully grounded story about the girls named Suzuko Homura and Chinatsu Morishita regaining a lost friendship after being separated for years. Chinatasu’s life was turned outside down as everything went wrong with her life. She went down the dark road of destroying other Selectors and working for a very insidious and horrible human being called the broker. With Suzuko working hard and training to become a stronger selector, she was able to defeat the broker and get Chinatsu at a great cost. Chinatsu is back to normal now, but her memories are gone. Also, there is another Wixoss session in motion because the selector series’ ending slowly changed things and absolutely nothing was resolved in Incited. Time for a crossover of both series to defeat evil for good this time. Maybe. You know, unless it appears again. Fun times.

To continue my pattern of discussing how the game of Wixoss is played in each post, Lostorage Conflated Wixoss’s game mechanics are almost the same as Incited with some additions. Wixoss is still played using an LRIG avatar on top of all the games and the current tournament is 90 days. Also, the player has five memory coins they can acquire to win (hah) the game and acquire memories. So what is the difference? In this advance game of wixoss, any player who has ever been an LRIG can become an LRIG, so two or more LRIGS in play are possible. That cements how this series is a cross over because we know characters who used to be LRIGS. What is also available is the ability for Selectors to capture other people’s LRIGS. That can cause some chaos in which games can end because the Selector’s LRIG has been stolen. So yes, chaos across the land in Conflated Wixoss!

The real hero of Conflated is Kiyoe!

With the spirit of the mythical MAYU from the selector series stick sticking around in different forms, another Wixoss game starts. One that involves the LRIG by the name of Carnival taking over the body of the broker (because she was his last LRIG) as the main antagonist. She is the ultimate bad guy who can use whatever LRIGS she has captured for her own special abilities. Carnival also has levels of LRIG capabilities that others wished they had. She must be defeated through team effort. Cue the protagonist people from Lostorage Incited Wixoss and all of Selector Wixoss to take her on together. A grand joining of efforts of Suzuko Homura fighting for Chinatsu’s memories and Ruuko Kaminato who just wants Tama and her friends to live a peaceful life.

The main twist is both of the previous protagonists are joined together by yet another character who has her own arc. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t like seeing Ruuko or Suzuko competing with each other or generally being good people or they don’t do a lot of things in Conflated, but the main character with an arc is a girl named Kiyoe. A girl that has been there through out all the Wixoss series. She was an LRIG in the selector series and another Selector in Lostorage Incited in which she played a larger role. You know, despite her barely holding on as she was handily defeated by The Broker. She was barely a foot note in both of these series and here she is to fight for the fate of everyone with Ruuko and Suzuko (and all their friends) behind them. It’s honestly perfect.

Look at these protagonists and their friends 🙂

So basically, this season feels like a long cross over movie and it somehow is able to handle everything in it at a very decent amount of time and pacing. The world of Wixoss is completely open, characters who were petty antagonists from each series continue to be petty antagonists until they are defeated. Akira is back and she is crazier then every until she disappears. The craziness and god like factor of the selector portion is heavily at play, characters have to make the choice to return to the fight or have it made for them based on how their cast members dove into the tournament against their wishes. The city feels like the larger then ever before with new dangers and characters waiting all over the place to cause chaos to all of them. Only the protagonist crew of Ruuko, Suzuko, and Kiyoe after some differences allows the evil to be defeated.

With that crossover portion comes what long terms fans of Wixoss want in some ways, which protagonist of the Wixoss series is stronger? Carnival in the form of The Broker somehow gets Ruuko and Suzuko to face off against each other through some twisted games of lying and deceit. To me, this was honestly the only disappointing part of this section. Not because I didn’t expect it to end by getting it interrupted, but because of the way it was handled. You know, mainly exposition. Characters being shocked by the world class level of Wixoss at display and we don’t see any of it. Though, it’s nice seeing the conclusion with all of it being resolved pretty kindly. Otherwise, I’m glad it happened. I’m glad that the two protagonists got to feel each other’s abilities out and were able to defeat the villain as a unified front. Go Kiyoe, Go Suzuko, and go Ruuko! Yay!

So yeah, I honestly don’t know what else to add in here because the plot itself is pretty predictable, but the execution is so interesting. The traumatic moments are traumatic and the fun and energetic moments are fun and energetic in their own rights as well. The characters remain themselves and it is a lot of fun seeing a high school girl being dragged back into the world of Wixoss like an 80’s action hero that just got out of retirement. It happens in anime all the time, but it feels wonderful here regardless. So many hype moments here and Kiyoe is certainly the right protagonist for all of this because she is a neutral point for all of the craziness of both portions of Wixoss together. This was a very ambitious project and I am glad to have discussed all of Wixoss. You know, besides the newest one that has a lot of mixed reactions. Maybe I will get to it eventually. Hmmm. For now, know this is the strongest Wixoss has been for me. It’s so good!


  1. I definitely agree with this being the best one and also that the protagonist battle could have been stronger. Honestly I would have liked a definitive winner. I always find the interruption angle to just be a cop out to keep fans of both characters happy but it’s best to take a risk. The build up to the fight was fantastic though.

    I think you’ll enjoy the next season. The main thing to keep in mind is just that it’s even more grounded than the third season. Personally I liked it less than seasons 3 and 4 but more than the first two. There’s some potential for sequels but after the reaction it got, I feel like Wixoss is done for now.

    It definitely had a pretty solid run though. 5 seasons (Or 4 and 1 spinoff) is pretty impressive. Kiyoe actually got a spinoff manga that I’m supposed to read later this month so if you want to see her getting some more screen time that could be worth checking out. I don’t know almost anything about it but I think it’s supposed to bridge the gap between seasons and 4 or something like that.

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