Getter Robo Arc Episode 2: Setting The Stage

Last episode was the small bit of an introduction to Getter Robo Arc’s world. Especially around the Getter Robo or the Saotome Base. It’s a dog eat dog world that Takuma and Baku had to navigate before finding the entrance of the base itself. It allowed us to see who Baku and Takuma are by their very nature and had some good robot action against insects with the Getter Robo mecha themselves. Other then that, there was a lot of mysteries still at play like who was Kaimu or why are the alien insects attacking? This episode started to answer these questions.

This episodes starts with a very interesting interaction between Kamui and Takuma as they head to the Getter Base as in that they beat each other up. Why? Kamui very much very sensitive about his looks because he does have some of the looks of the Dinosaur Empire and Takuma was looking at the guy. So there was some very fan slapstick with the two just beating the crap out of each other. Also, was some similar sorts of goofy combat between the D-2 Getter Robo crews and the crew of Getter Robo ARC fighting together. I really like that aspect that there is just good slap stick going on in the nature of the invasion. Takuma including Kamui in the fighting is very good for him.

There is also a lot of the serious nature of show itself. The episode opened on a flashback with Hayato Jin being left behind as the last one alive when the Shin Getter Robo left on a final mission. There is also the brotherly bond between Baku and Takuma that is completely unbreakable and the reason and Baku feeling a destiny here is why they stayed. That and Takuma’s search for the men who attacked his family years ago which Hayato clearly knows something about if not being the direct cause. Very intriguing character stuff here that will come up later as well.

Finally, there is the mecha stuff here as well. I do like the fact that this series mentions the other Getter Robo models. The Getter Robo training stuff is a classic thing that all Getter Robo needs to have and seeing the still synchronized nature of them forming the Getter Robo ARC is just good stuff. Shows there is conflict in between the characters right now. The insect empire invading at the end with their leader Meldusa wanting to destroy the Getter Rays is also classic Getter Robo because they the cause for all of this. I want to see more of them in the future other then that. Lots of good things. I have nothing wrong with this on a story level.

Ok, the sound design is still pretty boring and lacks any impact at all. I do have some more things to say about the 2D this time. It’s pretty clear the show is going for more impact then animation. There was a lot of stiff animation, but a lot of good cuts of the older style here and there along. Wtih Takuma’s very lupin like chaotic smile, I can’t help but really love his character. So with all of that minimalism of 2D animation, a least the show is having fun with it. Nothing wrong with that at all.

The 3D Animation is still really good though. Besides the very choppy version of the car traveling to the hanger which was probably done like that on purpose. The different portions of the Getter Robo Arc flying and trying to merge together. That one shot of the Getter Robo Arc breaking apart that didn’t matter was incredible. Same with the Getter Robo ARC failing to connect as well as it could. It was very well done here, honestly. This show just has good mecha art and it knows it. Some say its bad, but it’s so fluid here that it matches the tone of the show here.

I didn’t realize how fitting putting an image from Shin Getter Robo was for the ending when I did this, because the show uses a newer version of that ova’s opening for its ending theme and it just works, honestly. Obviously, there is a lot of Getter Robo love in this show and it permeates through out the show so far. Even if some of the production is bad, there is still a lot of energy and passion here. If you have seen any portion of Getter Robo material, then that passion is here for you!

The episode in question is very good. The 2D art is lacking but has some energy and the sound design is still pretty awful right now. Other then that, I can’t really find any major flaws with it at all. There was good character dynamics between the cast, some mysteries still in place, a major threat in the form of the attacking insects, a decent explanation of what the stakes are and why Takuma is here, and things like that. Very good episode here. I really like this show so far and that may be a cliche thing, but its just so good.

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