Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2021 Anime Season Week 2

So it seems that series will continue to go on their own ridiculous little schedules and just appear whenever they want to. Especially with the Olympics in motion and Love Live! Superstar! being delayed a couple weeks after the episode that appears tomorrow legally. It is a very play it by ear season, but I am satisfied with the shows that I’ve chosen to watch this time around. Still one more to go and we will see how that show turns out this week. Fun times, right?

Love Live! Superstar! Episode 1

From everything that I’ve seen so far, this episode feels like a similar different but approach to the Love Live! Formula. Kanon is a great singer and wanted to be apart of the music department at Yuigoaka music academy, but has stage fright so failed her audition. So a lot of this episode is Kanon getting caught singing in front of Chinese exchange student keke and Kanon going from helping Keke to finding people interested in being an idol to eventually just deciding to go for it. Kanon is also pretty funny. We also met the school president Hazuki putting a stop to it, Sumire as a random person, and Kanon’s friend Chi. Lots of interesting things. Its hard to say anything about it now, but it does seem interesting.

Sonny Boy Episode 1

I’ve watched a few Shingo Natsume episodes and series and this feels like his most expressive one so far. On a visual level, it feels very Mob Psycho meets Masaki Yuasa and it just connects so well. I love shows with that sort of visual flare and I will probably just watch Sonny Boy just for that. Other then that, the story itself is still pretty interesting even if it’s basic for now. A high school’s 36 seniors and the school itself disappears into an endless void and some of them have gained powers. There is some work into creating order there while students Nagare and Nozomi are detached and search for a way out of the people creating rules and control. The ending was a big surprise, so it will be nice to see how the show continues from the ending. Either way, pretty sure that I am watching.

Hamefura X Episode 3

Even with Catarina kidnapped, I can’t help but feel so relaxed watching this show. That goes down to Catarina just being such a calming character that can adapt to any situation in her own special way. Yu know, being needy. Catarina was kidnapped by “Selene” for her own reasons of wanting Geordo to withdrawal from the throne and she was jealous of Catarina and Geordo’s relationship and Catarina of course soothes Selena’s own feelings. And it’s obvious that the real kidnapper is Geordo’s older brother who has been passed up by the throne. The show smartly didn’t hide that at all. With the harem worried about Catarina and Sirius not worried about Catarina, the episode ends. Yet, I can’t help but feel “well, this well get resolved quick enough”. Still, this is some comfy times and I want to see how this different fairy tale concludes with the kidnapping.

Kageki Shouji!! Episode 3

Man, this was such a heavy episode. You hear about stuff like what happened in Ai’s life beforehand that made her so afraid of men as much as she was before she left the idol business. Her mother being apart of show business attracting strangers, boys in her class creeped on her mother, and that creepy guy that preyed on her when her mother wouldn’t listen. I feel like Ai was lucky to have uncle Taichi to help her out and never was a creep here. After Ai meeting the creep at school that followed her here, I hope that Sarasa standing up for Ai allows them to be friends. Sarasa really is the positive friend everyone needs to have.

What makes this episode better is showing that Kouka Academy isn’t so perfect either. One of their classmates’ putting weight has become a great deal of issues. The pressures of society have changed, for Ai, to one where women pay attention to them and while that is a different tension she can live with as long as it’s for males, not everyone can. Dang. Once again, I am glad that Sarasa is such a good person that cares for other people all sorts of scenarios.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 3

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