(An Original Story) ARc Incidents Data Files: AI in the Noah 3 Program

So here we are, some new set of data files for my story. It’s only four paragraphs of text, but this is the core behind the world presented in the show itself plus some hints about what is going to happen in the next chapter perhaps. Wouldn’t that be something important to know about.

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In Arc Incidents, the Earth is controlled by AI overlords called the Earth Grand Council. After a horrible war between all of humankind, a group of human beings decided they couldn’t govern themselves anymore. The best software engineers and computer programmers created a non biased AI system to help humankind live and develop themselves. It was a heavily structured system that was a bit totalitarian, but never meant to be spirited in its intention.

The AI makes all the life decisions for its citizens. Those are made through aptitude and skill tests that people take in important points of the person’s development. A great guiding principle into getting each citizen to where the AI system thinks each person belongs. Some are meant to be musicians, others like Charlotte Medina are meant to be a captain. It really depends on the situation itself

The Noah program is an attempt from the Earth Grand Council to see if humankind can save themselves from overpopulation. On the Noah 3, Susan Ray serves as the main voice of the Earth Grand Council by communicating with it through a special FTL transmitter and advising what the EGC would do in each situation to give the Noah 3’s progress to the Earth Grand Council and provide advice when she needs to.

To give the human  crew of the Noah 3 a rest at night, an AI system is used to keep watch over the ship as it flies through space. The ship uses a lot of the data acquired during the training sessions and beyond to make the right decisions in similar fashion as Captain Medina does. In times of something strange or unusual occurring. The AI will call the captain of the ship at night and ask for advice while trying its best to keep a safe distance at first. That is the only case the ship will not trust its own judgement. 

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