Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2021 Anime Season Week 3

With Love Live! being delayed until the end of the Olympics, me deciding not to watch Idaten, and Magia Record’s appearing whenever it does, this is the watch list that I decided to go with this season. Maybe a bit lesser then last season, but I feel like I need some cool down honestly. Last season was a lot, so it’s time to sit back and probably watch Beastars Season 2 finally.

Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 2

Oh this episode was so much fun! The Keke and Kanon shenanigans in the beginning with getting the study body of Yuigaoka to sign a petition so that Hazuki lets them have an idol club. That didn’t lead to signatures because the student body is scared of her because she has all the power. It’s nice that it was handled in administration and there can be a school idol club if they win a local competition.

That training arc was so much fun. Keke showed how not athletic she is, but she trained hard to gain some sense of stamina. Kanon worked hard on putting Keke’s lyrics into a song. Plus, Chi helping them out is pretty nice as well. The one moment I really liked was the end when Keke asked Kanon to sign and then the ending happened. Love Live! Superstar!! Has some incredibly soft energy to it. I want more when I can finally get it.

Sonny Boy Episode 2

The situation has changed since the school of seniors has been in the void. The seniors starting living on the island itself and some things changed and some things haven’t. While the school resets itself to create food for the company of people itself, tensions mount as blue fire burns everything that is traded from the objects people can create. Nagara himself caused a mob of people to attack Mizuho as the cause of the blue fire.

The start of Nagara’s understanding of trying to connect with people and Mizuho’s attempt at stopping to be isolated. Plus, the cooler heads finding a trade system between people was brilliant. I am glad that the cooler heads genuinely exist here. I hope they aren’t the next target. I would love to learn more rules of this area moving forward and such. A lot of things to look forward to here I think. It’s very cool.

Hamefura X Episode 4

Well, besides Sora’s (the butler’s) clear sexual assault on Catarina, this show is clearly just as good and as heart warming with her connecting to yet another lost soul. A butler who is in between all the conflict and having Catarina tell him all the things the guy could be and the possible escape in the future to other countries. All while the mystery of the kidnapping was resolved underneath our noses which makes sense. Larna from the magical academy saving Catarina’s life in her many disgusies and the appearance of Catarina’s harem at the end were great. The only problem is Geordo starting a war by officially kissing a saved Catarina in the end. Uh oh. So yeah, genuinely good episode.

Kageki Shoujo!! Episode 4

Not a redemption, but the stalk at least admits he’s at fault this time. Sarasa is on her quest of understanding every person actually talks to the stalker with Taichi for support. So yes, we hear about the stalkers story from being an incel otaku to discovering his fantasy was all just in his head. So yes, Ai runs back to find Sarasa and the otaku guy. Ai’s anger is honestly understandable since she’s dealt with so much trauma.

The stalker actually spending time to save Ai at the end from worse people and Ai not completely reciprocating but at least returning some form of gratitude was nice. On the other end, Yamada is still having a hard time with the beauty standards of the school and the episode ends with Yamada throwing up. Lots of complicated thoughts here regarding this tough school. Lots of complicated things going on here and I want to dig into them more!

Getter Robo Arc Episode 4

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