Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2021 Anime Season Week 4

As was mentioned, Love Live! Superstar! is taking a break until the Olympics are over, so there is five shows here again now that Magia Record returned. Love Live needs to return and I will have the complete set. I am enjoying the freedom of not having to watch everything. I can casually skip a day from watching anything and not have to worry about falling behind. I am enjoying the break from watching my usual ten shows and I may look into just watching this many in the future because it really does make living not as busy. We shall see about that though.

Sonny Boy Episode 3

It’s very hard to describe an episode of Sonny Boy in a small number of sentences, but just know that there is Nagare exploring paths to different worlds, some bit of jealousy towards him finding anything, members who are outside the usual class sphere freezing up in places in the island after being turned completely black, one character literally has answers told to him, and Mizuho and Nagare working together to uncover the case of this situations. Mizuho and Nagare bounce each other as outcasts pretty well to at least get us to know them better.

There are some Lord of the Fly’s things going on, but they are definitely subdued for the moments. Discovering the solution to the people being frozen meant using Nagare’s confirmed ability to discover worlds by taking these people out of their current happy places. A lot of good visuals were in this episode from the white borders around created objects, the fun black curtains between dimensions, and so many other things. This show is so unique and I love it. I love shows like this.

Hamefura X Episode 5

This episode was a flashback episode, but a very nice one about what happened to Geordo and Alan after they met the new Bakarina. Same with the bro-con Prince Jeffrey whose watched them since they were babies while he recounts this story to his very not interested fiance. It is nice to see how Bakarina allowed both of these younger kids to connect with each other and actually feel something.

The ending with Bakarina’s harem at the end going after Geordo was rather wonderful. I was even shocked that Maria wanted to get in on some injury and harm. That ending stinger and the concept of the darkness shrouding everything certainly is something else. It leaves a lot of questions going forward and that is far more then I expected from Hamefura, but it’s most welcomed.

Kageki Shoujo!! Episode 4

I feel like this episode resolved a few too many subplots way too quickly. A few of them visit the winter Kouka showing of Romeo and Juliet and Sarasa shows her natural ability by reciting Romeo and Juliet lines immediately. Ai finally gets the will to ask to be Sarasa’s friend and that happens. The second half of the episode is about Yamada’s eating habits and singing abilities. Ai tried to warn her, but Yamada sees her as an all star, so its nice to see a teacher break the female dorm taboo and say he wanted her to keep going. Also that Yamada, Sarasa, and ai talked afterwards. So even if these were fast, they were handled pretty well.

Magia Record S2 Episode 1

This episode follows one of the many scenes that were shown in one of Homura’s time lines. The one where Madoka and Homura face off against the school based witch. It’s not just a quick scene here, but an entire episode leading to that witches defeat. It also includes additional plots with Sayaka discovering where Mami is, the wonders and mysteries of Kamihama city being advertised to them, Sayaka, Homura, and Madoka heading their, and the scene where Kyubey tells the girls about the future of witches. Not in that order, but I think you can figure that out.

That original madoka music and voice acting was too powerful here. The framing was also exactly like the og madoka magica as well. It’s flipping crazy and I know its on purpose to get us back into the cast once again. I have so many questions about what it’s going to be like with the og team meets the new one, where Iroha might be right now, and so many things. How will Yashiyo handle working with Homura who is 90% like her? I’m kind of excited by all of this.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 5

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