Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2021 Anime Season Week 5

Sonny Boy Episode 4

You now, I thought I would be use to Sonny Boy’s strangeness by now. Clearly, I am not. Also, this episode was definitely the hand resting episode but it still fun. This episode was Sonny Boy’s base ball episode and it featured baseball, monkeys, and monkeys that play base ball. After having a bet with the baseball ace for the school’s travel home by ace and being trained by cap who talks up the monkeys, nagara finally grasps some confidence in himself to use his portal abilities.

There were some other incredible character moments with Nozomi and Mizuho, but this was Nagara’s episode and he is able to take the students into other dimensions (filters), but he can’t control where. Plus, the episode ends with Professor Aki who is there to end the student’s fun. I suppose of course they weren’t going to go home too soon. This is where episode counts play against the show. Still, I lost my mind in this episode a bit. I never expected monkeys and baseball to be connected, but here we are. I suppose all there is now is to see how a teacher presence changes things.

Hamefura X Episode 6

I don’t have much to say here besides how comfy and good this episode was. It was a nice flash back to the kids, except Maria, when they were children. Reminiscencing on future events and how one isn’t a grown up anymore. One incident of rain and lightning caused Catarina, Sophia, and Mary to tell Maria about a very cute ghost hunt when there was no ghost. Only Catarina’s mom yelling at Catarina. I love the ending where Maria as a child was placed with the other characters in kid form. It is stuff that seems like filler, but really is pushing forward the character quite a bit. Very interested to see the next episode like usual to see what comes next because there are some balls in the air.

Magia Record Season 2 Episode 2

In this episode, Yachiyo tries to hunt down the base of Magius to finally defeat it. That’s about it really. It really is an emotional resonant episode with Yachiyo fighting against her own weaknesses and still suffering from the loss of her old group. She searches for Iroha regardless and fights a great battle against one of her former team mates Mafiyu. Also, Yachiyo in the end follows a girl to check on rumors where a Iroha appears in the end. Lots of complicated cult activity going on here. I should have rewatched Magia Record before hand to remember all these things with doppels and such, but I am remembering more as time goes on.

Kageki Shoujo! Episode 6

Oh hey, some actual learning going in this school. Wild. After Sarasa’s show of force and acting like the teacher Professor Andou, the Kouka students were able to get some actual acting experience. Professor Andou split in the girls in groups of four to act a specific part of Romeo and Juliet. This was a portion that showed some of the girls strengths and weaknesses. We see that Ai can’t read Kanji because she was barely schooled, Sarasa is good at copying other people’s works. Andou called out Sarasa on it. Also, it was Sarasa’s birthday and there is a small subplot with Sarasa and a shy guy I don’t mention a lot. This plot of these girls moving forward and learning all sorts of things is going to be great!

Getter Robo Arc Episode 6

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