Weekly Seasonal Anime Review: Summer 2021 Anime Season Week 6

Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 3

At long last, Love Live is back and I am so happy! The festival that our performers have to perform and win at to continue their club is soon. So with Chi’s help, Keke and Kanon learn how to dance and perform. Also, the crew tries many things to get Kanon out of her stage fright but all of them fail. So yeah, all the tension is now on Keke to sing. Plus, the group that Keke loves, Sunny Passion, is going to be there. At that moment of tension and Sumire ruining the stage lights and then bringing them back, Kanon and Keke perform their best and it’s incredible. I love it. They end up winning a new comers award. I guess the future is still unknown.

Sonny Boy Episode 5

With the chaos in question presented by Aki Sensei, the world itself of Sonny boy has fallen apart. With some fun interlude of Nagara, Nozomi, and the world breaking guy solving the world of the mice leading to finding a computer mouse that can solve all sorts of problems by cutting through threads. On the other hand, the classmates continue to turn away from the very shy and socially not inclined Nagara for not being able to take them home.

Meanwhile, Aki Sensei creates her own cult centered around the kid who flies while Nagara finally gets some more confidence in knowing that his abilities involved creating worlds not traveling to worlds. It’s a very fun set piece episode that relies on some animals and themes together in some weird and nice thematic ways. This show really doesn’t want to be normal and I like that. Very much Lord of the flies with some weird things and I enjoy it.

Hamefura X Episode 7

Once again, an episode of not much happening but it sure is fun. This time, visiting the department of magic. Rapheal working hard, Sora working under Larna who disappears often, and a magical dollhouse that grants people’s dreams. So basically, Catarina as usual opens the door to the doll house and everyone’s dreams come true. Catarina and her lazy life, Maria and her muscles, the gender bent world of Keith, and some of them turning into birds. It certainly is an episode that opens up a lot interesting readings of these characters. But yeah not harm or foul. Just fun with them returning to the normal world and Larna finally having to do paper work.

Kageki Shoujo!! Episode 7

Oh hey, I get Akiya more now that I’ve seen him be around Sarasa a bit more. So yes, a friendship trip between the awkward Ai and Sarasa to Sarasa’s house. Not being seeing some Kouka Academies stars who know a lot more about Mr. Andou and his past as Phantom of the Opera. Plus, a lot of Sarasa’s past of wanting to get into Kabuki by copying roles so well and such with ability to copy coming from Kabuki itself. Ai plays the role of the listener and our normal person in a land of Sarasa and her kind. Akiya being the one to tell Sarasa some good advice towards her own acting felt natural considering how disconnected Ai is. I really liked this episode. It has a lot to say and gave a lot to think about in the future of this show. I am excited to see how both Ai and Sarasa change.

Magia Record Season 2 Episode 3

Once again, this was a very simple episode storywise. Yachiyo and Kuroe found Iroha in a rumor of the Sakura girl. The rest of the episode is breaking down the mind space presented by Iroha’s doppel that didn’t want to see the girl hurt anymore. Especially by making Ui a teddy bear. There are images of the villa Yachiyo and Iroha were apart of with the other group members being there to create Iroha’s happiness. Finally, Yachiyo and Iroha are connected together after the barriers of so much good pieces of art. Finally, the two can be together. I bet this season will really start next week when the Madoka gain returns for Mami.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 7

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