Getter Robo Arc Episode 8: Chaos in the Dinosaur Empire

A lot of things to build off from last episode. The Black Shin Getter Robo flying all over the Earth fighting against Andromeda Stellaration’s insector units which still surprises everyone. There is also the trouble in the Dinosaur Empire. Why? Well, the Getter Arc Team is currently residing their and working with their forces. The only problem is that the Emperor Gore III has a grudge against Kamui and is dragging him around his nose through the use of Kamui’s mother. Great times to be sure.

Not a lot to write about this week regarding surface things. Only that the Black Shin Getter Robo landed to take a rest for a bit. Shou, knowing that Gou is in that unit, immediately travels to him. There is a lot of interesting things that happen from that very one sided conversation. The first one is that Gou is conscious and human still, not just being dragged around by the Getter Rays. The second one is that the Black Shin Getter Robo crew only has a small amount of time to live. One way or another, the Andromeda Stellaration’s invasion is breaking them down. I can’t help but feel like Shou in this situation because as awesome as the Black Shin Getter Robo is, they’ve lived through such an awful story.

Meanwhile, back in the Dinosaur Kingdom all sorts of things are happening. The first thing is the continuous use of the Getter Robo Arc in combat because the insectors keep attacking. Luckily, the scientists at least figured out a way to get into the Andromeda Stellaration but that is a side thing. The important thing is in Kamui’s weakness, the Getter Khan unit was saved by the Getter Saurus crew. That crew being Kamui’s childhood friends by the name of Vise, Ganryu, and Gozoro saved them. Which immediately leads to a fight between Vise and Takuma for the honor of the Getter Robo Arc’s crew and Kamui not being himself in a moment of combat.

The main point of the episode itself is Kamui’s past. By Takuma bullying Professor Han a bit, we learn that Kamui is second in line for the throne and Emperor Gore III really is dragging around Kamui because of this royal connection and Kamui’s popularity through out the Dinosaur Empire. Something which Takuma inadvertently ignores during the Dinosaur Empire’s send off celebration by immediately connecting Kamui and his mother in the middle of the celebration. Also, Kong Ming from the Andromeda Stellaration gets worried about the Dinosaur Empire’s technology and immediately starts an attack. So yeah, very good Takuma movements here.

This episode looks more like crap then usual. Besides some small amounts of cg scenes with the Black Shin Getter Robo, Getter Robo Arc’s transformations, and the Gettersaurus, it’s all 2D. All off model 2D that just looks the worst it could. If I didn’t know who these characters were from the 7 previous episodes, I wouldn’t have been able to recognize them. Some of it was from funny anime hijinks scenes, but the whole episode just felt like one of those. So obviously, this was the major hand resting episode for the CG artists and 2D animators. I guess they need it after 7 episodes of material that keeps pushing the envelope further. I hope they didn’t work to hard and we can see some solid performances from everyone next week.

So yes, the weakest episode by far. I do think that the writing behind this episode and the politics of the Dinosaur Empire to be very interesting. I also like seeing Takuma being intelligent and doing things that no one in the Dinosaur Empire expected him to because he was pushed to the side. This is what propped the episode up from the absolutely horrid visuals of it. So yes, decent episode and that’s all I have to say on the matter.

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