Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2021 Anime Season Week 7

Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 4

This episode was so much fun. Especially since it focused on gremlin girl Sumire who wants a bigger spot in show business. From playing insects in ads to being an extra or side girl due to her very big gremlin energy. She does try to push her way into the school idol club as the center instead of Kanon and even tried to do some weird ritual to get Kanon forget Sumire as an insect, but I like her even if her goals are so different and she gets Keke frustrated. Kanon’s response of hiring Sumire and that challenge for the center spot was very good. Such fun and incredible character stuff here in goofy ways. I like this show.

Sonny Boy Episode 6

I just, what is this show anymore? What the hell is happening? How am I supposed to describe it in a paragraph or two? A different world where costco exists where Mizuho meets a black dog whose been there for a thousand years, a film strip for all of these worlds existing, and so many other things. Especially with these characters returning to the normal world and seeing they are only pieces and figments of their imagination as in, these characters already graduated. That’s all I have to say here. It’s a wonderful and chaotic location for all of those. Good episode, just don’t know to register it is all.

Hamefura X Episode 8

A very simple episode not too focused on Catarina that shows how much of an influence she is to other people. Some from Nicol who is being asked to go out with girls to find a suitable fiance with known of the girls ever being like Catarina. Then Catarina’s time at the Magic Academy around a certain tsundere Ginger which Catarina finds a lot of kindness in. Same with Ginger’s friend Fray who doesn’t want to get married, but was forced to meet with Nicol anyway. Something which Fray and Nicol seem to enjoy. I like seeing people like Fray want to be more then a wife to a noble. Though, I don’t think Nicol is ever one to weigh other people down. With some hints to some chaos in the future, we moved forward in this very calm series.

Kageki Shoujo!! Episode 8

With school back in session, Kaoru scolds Ai and Sarasa for getting a tan on the beach. Also, this episode is Kaoru’s. We see her drive to get into Kouka academy as she was on her last legs or year to get it. Of course, we do know she gets in but that’s not the point. The point is Kaoru defying the potential from her mother and grandmother who made it into the academy and her working her best to do it. Also, she gets a crush on a base ball player in the same situation as her with famous siblings but him continuing to fail. That boy stating something so wrong to Kaoru caused the clash. That ending being so romantic and the boy still playing base ball was very good. I like that sort of drama.

Magia Record Season 2 Episode 4

With Iroha awake, she immediately heads with Yachiyo and the newfound Kuroe to break into magius. Of course, Yachiyo gets separated and this turns to Yachiyo’s episode. Of course, Kuroe and Iroha work find Rena and Kaede running away from Magius. Of course, Iroha is herself again and she helps to defeat one doppel and Kaede’s doppel from over use out of control. It’s a very good episode showing why Iroha is so good. I also hope the og Madoka gang get to do some more in the future besides calling Mami in the future. I feel like they will catch up with Yachiyo soon. Very good episode of crazy plot elements, direction, and style. I really like season 2 for all the time and energy being put into it.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 8

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