Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2021 Anime Season Week 8

Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 5

I continue to love seeing these characters interact with each other. The romantic tension between Keke and Sumire continues to be good as they yell at each other and also care for each other. I also like the group’s push for getting more attention and even being invited to a summer event by Sunny Passion with some realistic tension with Chi between her friends and her own dancing ambitions as there is a contest for that in the summer too. Kanon getting lots of time to reflect on how Chise is important to her in a song is a good conflict too. Plus, Sunny Passion helping the girls out and having fun with them is great too. I just…this show is so warm and comfy with drama that makes sense. More please.

Sonny Boy Episode 7

I really wish I knew what this show was trying to do. So far, the animal symbolism is consistently strong. This episode had a lot going on again. Aki’s group and Hoshi’s group left the island, and like Haldjani’s ant farm, every drifter as in thousands of drifters decided that Nagara is the one to blame for all of them being there. After Nagara spent some time doing hard labor of creating a tower of babel, he escapes with the help of his friends and he still wishes to pursue some way home even if people are unsure about it. So, I guess there is stuff to consider here but it’s very complicated. I guess I am on this wild ride that I don’t know what to do with.

Kageki Shoujo! Episode 9

A lot of things going on in this episode. The Kouka Academy summer festival which have our girls working hard to prepare it for all those who can see it. Older stars called Superiors showing up to help along with the golden goddesses of the top stars helping with it as well. While Sarasa and Ai play a back role once again, this is an episode about Chika and Chiaki, the twins, discovering that their wishes are not the same and they have to start walking their own paths finally. This happened through the various interactions with the Superiors and other staff. I’m glad this cast is getting explored more. Very good episode with all sorts of wonderful drama.

Magia Record 2nd Season Episode 5

A lot of chaotic things going on in this episode. Iroha and Kuroe running through the elevator to the supposed core of the Awaken Embryo Egg equation, some of the villa members that joined Maguis being chased down after meeting Kyouko stealing, Yachiyo defeating the witches that showed up, Tsuruno losing herself, and the false witch that is about to be sent after Walpurgisnacht. I love it all though. There is so many pieces of character drama including Iroha and Kuroe’s story and everything in between. A lot of things I don’t understand are going occur here, but it’s a lot of fun in terms of characters and seeing what these terms mean later on.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 9

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