Getter Robo Arc Episode 10: A Disorientating Space War

Last time on Getter Robo Arc, Takuma, Kamui, and Baku travel through a portal created by the Dinosaur Empire with the crew of the Gettersaurus and end up on a desert planet. A planet where the Andromeda Stellaration are attacking what seems like a small group of humans. Humans that use ancient technology and a living and breathing version of Musashi Tomoe who died at the end of the original Getter Robo. What dangers follow them in this unknown land.

The first part of this episode was disorientating in a way that at least explains a bit about the world our characters are in. For instance, Musashi and the rest of his seemingly outdated looking army didn’t even ask for the Getter Robo Arc’s help when the Andromeda Stellaration’s Insectors started to appear. Sure, the Getter Robo Arc fought and defeated giant monsters and insectors with all three of its forms (Arc, Kirik, and Khan), but when the insectors ran into the mysterious armies units, they just activated getter energy and the problem was solved.

It gets worse when the insanity and cruelty of Musashi and his forces come into full display for the ARC crew. They murdered Andromeda Stellaration’s civilians without a second thought and then destroyed that planet known as Temar like it was nothing either afterwards. Same with Musashi completely ignoring or merely tossing aside the crew of the broken down Getter Saurus because they aren’t humans or important at all. So yeah, there is some blatant and honest commentary of colonialism and supremacy being thrown here and it’s so ouch.

Honestly, the series gets worse when the backstory between the event finally appears out in the open for the Getter Robo Arc crew. Until now, they were only on the receiving end of the Andromeda Stellaration’s attacks. Now, we know more about how this is the future and human kind was colonizing (robbing) the galaxy before the Andromeda Stellaration attacked. Then, the Getter Emperor (a super huge Getter unit) showed up to save humanity. The only thing the Andromeda Stellaration could do is find all starting points of the Getter Emperor through space and time to stop it. They are desperate to survive. While I don’t like them still, I don’t like the side of the Getter here either. It feels complicated in a good and complex way.

Then there is also the part where everything on the human side in this future revolves around the Getter Emperor’s memories, because a copy of Musashi was destroyed during a space battle and anaother one appeared. Memories that according to Musashi Tomoe, only go up to the point where the Shin Getter Robo took off for Mars. That and only people from the past can do anything about this conflict because otherwise, there is a stalemate. A past that has been shaped by the Andromeda Stellaration launches saucers onto Earth and creating the Hyakki Empire. With this complex thing in motion, the Getter Robo Arc leaves the human fleet with the Gettersaurus to change history.

It’s too bad that Takuma is weighed down with the concept of revenge against McDonald in his head for the death of his own mother. A driven Takuma that is angry and won’t listen to his friend Baku and Kamui not being in any place to change Takuma’s mind either. Clearly, there is a lot of complex things in motions in terms of themes and this is a powerful cliff hanger to leave off of after all the insanity we’ve seen in this episode. Just a lot to read into it going forward. Can’t wait for episode 11 now.

Visually, this episode was pretty good. Mainly because it kept a lot of the 2D more minimalist and didn’t try to do much this time around. I mean, all of the characters mainly just stood around and looked in terror on the space ship and other things as travesties have occurred in this episode. This episode did move pretty quickly and didn’t allow for the character to do much other then stand and perceive things in emotional moments, so that works out pretty well I think.

This is mainly a 3D episode once again and there certainly is a lot of goods shots. The Getter Robo Arc’s three forms came into play here as they fought small and huge alien monsters and those were some great fights showing the teams working together. The horrific space weaponry, the space ships of the Andromeda Stellaration and the Getter force where huge, and the flash backs with the large Getter Emperor were insanely well detailed. So many good 3D models on display.

Ok, episode 10 was a fantastic episode. Gave me lots to think about as the doors of Getter Robo Arc where finally out there for everyone to see and explore. Especially with us viewers finally seeing the conflict in full just like our guides Takuma, Kamui, and Baku. Holy crap, such insanity with complex issues with Getter Rays and other things going forward. The visuals were good enough to sell the experience and that is what makes this show what it is. Great stories leading ok at best visuals.

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