Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2021 Anime Season Week 9

Once again, there is no Love Live! Superstar!! We can only do what we can do when its missing.

Sonny Boy Episode 8

Well, that is definitely a wild ride of an episode in the form of a good and comfy flash back. Also, its actually understandable this time. This time, we explore the life of the dog, Yamamiko and his adventures before he became a dog. This is a guy who also wonder from world to world until he met Kodama whose ability is to direct things. Of course, Yamamiko becomes a yes man and while a pandemic is started for everyone except the guy who turned into a dog, War causes chaos through out the land. The mistakes of not bringing up your own opinions. Fantastic episode.

Hamefura X Episode 10

The second episode Keith’s kidnap and hes being tortured while Catarina and others are still trying to find him. No clues or hints yet, but Keith is starting to lose his mind to dark magic and everyone is flirting with Catarina like usual. You know, except for the teddy bear that really doesn’t like her. It’s a very slow episode that builds some good tension through out it. I just hope it becomes a bit more but who knows. Maybe this conclusion will blow everything out of the water. Maybe Catarina will be with Maria for forever too. Lots of things to think about in this generally ok to good episode.

Kageki Shoujo!! Episode 10

It’s festival day and last week, Sarasa was chosen as one of the relay competitors for the summer troupe. That immediately means that the second years, mainly Hijiri or Ai’s second year mentor, begin pressuring Ai out of jealousy. It also means that Sarasa is having a bit of a crisis on how to perform herself and she’s seeking advice and assurance from Ai and eventually her own mentor who gives her some good advice. That pushing of Sarasa finding her way to perform as herself instead of others eventually leads to her being stepped over during the relay but also, her running hand and hand with Sei who accidentally fell over her. Obviously, Kageki Shoujo! is not an animation power house, but good episode regardless.

Magia Record Season 2 Episode 6

With the Maguis’ plans coming into fruition to cause havok all over Kamihama City, witches, Tsuruno being turned evil, and all sorts of chaos, there is home in the form of some of the og Madoka Girls, Yachiyo, and Iroha working together to save the day. In that time of trial where despair and witches descent all over the city and Maguis even fighting over themselves to whether or not their Ebryo plan is a good idea, hope in the form of magical girls holding hands and their power ups makes their play. This was a great set up episode to what seems like a two-part finale of an action scene. Especially with a possessed Mami and Tsuruno in the mix. Can’t wait to see it all.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 10

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