My Love Mix-Up!, Vol. 1 – It’s Complicated

One of my goals for this year was watching and reading more material that make me uncomfortable and pushing my own boundaries a bit more. Based on the mecha that I watched, I don’t think I did a lot of. I’ve read Blue Flag, which I haven’t discussed with yet but will in the future, plan on checking out more BL and Yuri in the future because I find both pretty enjoyable, and here is My Love Mix-Up!. A volume of manga that I really enjoyed. It’s very soft and good.

My Love Mix-Up starts out simply enough. In the middle of an exam, Aoki asks his close neighbor that he has a crush on, Hashimoto, for an eraser. The erase unfortunately has the name of Ida with a heart on it. Something Ida sees and asks Aoki about it which leads to a scene that may seems like a confession scene. Aoki, of course, tries to deny it and tries to push Ida and Hashimoto together. You know, while Aoki actually does get closer to Ida and Ida actually wants to get to know more about Aoki before turning him down maybe.

This is also a bit of an awakening story for Aoki. While does a crazy amount of things of things for supposedly Hashimoto because he is inside his head like dressing up as Cinderella to replace a nervous Hashimoto during that usually sort of mix up. In the end of this volume, Aoki actually realizes that he likes Ida. Plus, all the side characters we have seen seem to realize that Aoki likes Ida before he does. Lastly, Hashimoto and Aoki have a conclusion where Aoki actually likes Aida and not Ida, so Aoki was doing this all pointlessly. I love it. So good and comedic like the rest of the show.

This manga volume was a lot of fun. It was all very well toned, creative, and just well put together all around here. It obviously knows what its doing and messes around with the cliches in a way that makes sense. Very tongue and cheek, but never mean spirited or anything. The manga itself was was pretty basically paneled and some better then average art here as well. I don’t have as much to say in that regard here because it’s kind of hard to show it when you aren’t allowed to show any sort of screen shots for it here. I think a lot of you guys would enjoy it.

You can pre-order this manga from a month from now here: Link.


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