Getter Robo Arc Episode 11: Finally, Revenge

Last time on Getter Robo Arc, a lot of things happened. A space war, revenge, the gigantic Getter Emperor, and the Getter Robo Arc crew feeling helpless in a world where they don’t belong. A place far into the future that is beyond the understanding of what Takuma, Kamui, and Baku know. There is is only Getter Rays and evolution now. With the Andromeda Stellaration on the ropes, the Getter Robo Arc and Gettersaurus left the Getter ship for revenge.

The point that keeps being driven home for me is how useless the Getter Robo Arc is this far into the future. While the machine is able to defeat some of the future Andromeda Stelleration insectors with the help of Gettersaurus, but the future Getter units led by fake/clone Musashi Tomoe had to help them out a lot on the way to meeting Kong Ming and McDonald for their final revenge. The whole affair is at the end of a space war with that Andromeda spaceship deciding to blow themselves up. Yet, complicated things still happen in this episode.

The biggest thing was splitting the Getter Team up. Specifically, Kamui from Takuma and Baku. How? Well, the obvious locked room ploy in order to open the door for the final match between Takuma and McDonald. An area that has a high temperature that Takuma can handle. So in that moment, Kamui talks with Kongming. A Kongming who has plans for a device that can defeat Getter rays called Bug. Something that the Andromeda Stellaration couldn’t finish. With that is a plan that can defeat the Getter Robo and help the dinosaur race. Kamui takes the plans and travels through a time portal. What happens? Where does Kamui go and will he tell the Dinosaur Empire about it? We don’t know.

The door does open and the Getter Robo Arc faces off against McDonald and a nearly invincible mecha from Ancient Atlantist, the Uzahra. A mecha that has a giant dinosaur form with a lizard on top. One that the Getter Robo Arc’s weapons couldn’t penetrate. Yet, the anger blinded Takuma keeps fighting anyway. You know, despite the Uzahra defeating the future based Getter units. Of course, shear will power and strength, the Getter Robo Arc finally defeats one. It only took humanity pushing itself as forward as possible. With the Getter Robo Arc and Gettersaurus moving into the time portal, we don’t know where they will end up either. Jeez, man.

There is so much uncertainty at this episode’s conclusion and I really do like that fact. Of course, the stokers around Earth are gone. It wasn’t the Getter Robo Arc that did it, but the shear power of Getter in question. The world seems safe, yet there is an uneasiness as the Getter Robo Arc never returned home. Not even fake Musashi knows where they are, but the Getter Emperor might. All this sets up a real conclusion to this episode that can be anything really. War? Betrayal? The Getter Emperor destroying everything? Who the hell knows and yet its kind of awesome.

The only thing lacking for me in this episode was the sound design. You can’t feel anything that is going on in the episode at all. Yet, everything else was top notch. Fantastic cg models of mecha of all kinds, graet action sequences, good felling for all the damage that was occuring, and so many other things. There was a lot of work put into it here. On the 2D animation front, it felt very ok but solid never off model at a minimum. Then there were excellent with the more iconic moments of mecha bad assery felt through everything that happened. I love it. Good woork all around.

This is an episode where everything clicked together again. A great story, great emotions, great mecha action, and art with animation that helps it all click together. I really can’t say that any episode of Getter Robo Arc has been perfect, but episode 11 is close to being like that. I really love the mystery of not knowing what is going to happen next. It could be literally anything and that would work in my mind. What measure of success is there besides that? I really don’t know.

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