Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2021 Anime Season Week 10

Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 6

That week’s wait was worth it. We got to see one of the most beautiful episodes of this show thematically and visually. Why? We see how far and deep the relationship between Kanon and Chi goes. Chi does go through her dance competition and eventually wins it, but it was after Kanon showed up to cheer her on. There was that great moment when both of them exchanged how they explored how they influenced each other and Chi joined the idol group to great effect afterwards. Now, Chi can show how strong she truly is.

There is some other great material here too. Sunny Passion working alongside the girls was pretty great and cartoony fun. Same with Sumire and Keke working alongside each other and caring for each other too. It’s all good stuff. It’s wall to wall good stuff with great character interactions in a lot of honest ways. The chemistry in this show is incredible on so many levels. Now that there is four members, it’s going to be interesting to see how the studio council president Hazuki joins the group.

Sonny Boy Episode 9

Wow, so much to talk about Twins with the same capabilities fight against each other because of one hair difference. Powers that can destroy and recreate the world. Of course, Aki is there to cause more chaos. Of course she provided guns to the mix with left the twins to kill each other off with them. Also, there are some talking cats here. Cats that watched over Mizuho and her ability to copy things. I didn’t expect the talking cats, but I love it all here. Such wonderful things with the animals talking to each other too.

Of course, this is the real story behind Mizuho and her abilities. Her ability to create copies and her cats capturing all the gear she makes copies of. That realization when it was Mizuho who created the copies of people in the first place to send all these people drifting between worlds. That really does add some interesting complications. I also like the implication that Mizuho is starting to grow up all around. Beautifully written episodes and I like all of that here.

Hamefura X Episode 11

Well, they did it. Keith has finally been saved and brought back from his personal darkness due to the help of Catarina and whatever magic she seems to have to fix it. And Keith kissed her and is ready to just show his affection in fall degrees here. That is the massive change besides Catarina acquiring a dark dog minion that everyone is creeped out by. There really was no tension in this episode besides that moment happening and small action sequences to get rid of the whole crew for some reason? I mean, maybe some things centered on Keith’s origin story. It was a decent episode, but nothing amazing.

Kageki Shoujo!! Episode 11

My favorite episode of Kageki Shoujo so far! After all the work and effort put into exploring these characters as they are forced into a competition against each other. For me, it’s always interesting to see that sort of character exploration. The confident Kaoru against the self conscious Yamada, Sarasa and Sawa competing for Tybolt. Ai on her search for her soul and finding what love is. That moment she made the connection to her first friendship with Sarasa and pouring out her soul as Juliet was fantastic and was so well directed too. I love it. It’s also interesting to see Sarasa finding anger for the first time in her life. In this episode, explorations of emotions these characters didn’t have before. Wonderful.

Magia Record Season 2 Episode 7

Well, this was quite a big emotional turn of an episode in a positive and negative direction. Positive because the OG Madoka girls are working with the Magia Record girls to save their friends and hopefully save the world of magical girls from darkness. How? Connecting with their true forms of these characters. All it took was some gay with a girl we kind of knew from the first season with the true nuetral world. All while the world itself is in chaos. That hope and good fell apart at the end when Tsuruno didn’t return to normal and started to glitch out in her doppel form even more. Man, what a way to end such a positive and planning episode.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 11

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