Getter Robo Arc Episode 12: The New Dinosaur Empire

This show is just getting more and more insane over time. I really dig that. Last time on Getter Robo Arc, so many things happened. Space time events, enemies from the past showing up to take on the future, explosions everywhere, and the Getter Robo Arc crew separating once again. Kamui with the data regarding the bug to destroy all of Getter with Takuma and Baku no one knows where. Fun times are happening.

The beginning of this episode was completely nuts. Apparently it is the final scene in Getter Robo Arc itself? Kamui has control over what can only be called the Bug faced off against Takuma in the Getter Robo Arc. Kamui tells Takuma to give up and accept humanities defeat as the Getter Robo Arc only has one arm and half a face. Of course Takuma doesn’t give up. Getter Robo Arc has some crazy openings, but everything at play here is literally insane. Since we haven’t seen any of this happen yet, everything that happens int he episode must lead to this moment.

Another mind blowing scene was a much softer one in the Getter Emperor itself. The appearance of the Getter Robo Arc, the communing Takuma and Baku’s missing family members from the Sin Getter Robo. That realization and starting of the understanding between the true meaning of Getter and humanity in how the two are not one in the same. Those interpretations of Getter energy really could be said a lot, right? The use of Getter for destruction and evolution of only humanity by Musashi, destroying Getter to stop its expansion by Kamui, and Takuma’s down the middle route in how it could be used by everyone in some way. I wish Takuma luck.

With that horribleness from the future that Kamui say, he starts a rebellion. A rebellion against Empire Gore III and his passive ruling (well, more passive then Kamui because Gore wanted to rebel against humanity with him in control), a rebellion and attack against humanity itself, and finally a rebellion against the Saotome lab and Hayato himself. Its crazy that an ancient ruin was found that specifically fits the pattern of the BUG. A lot of oppression and people getting into work as Kamui attacks the Saotome Lab with his dinosaur men and the pollution of the air humans breathe. Quite a lot of stakes here as the match will really be Hayato vs Kamui. Maybe.

The crazy thing to me is how accepting Hayato seems to be of Kamui attacking him. It’s obvious that Hayato knew this would happen on some level. I mean, why else would he get people away from his lab? Why else would he just sit their knowing that his fate was finally coming alone. Well, alone now that Kamui destroyed Dr. Shikishima who was the only person that stayed with him? This is what I am truly interested in seeing. Hayato has been left out of the fight and his own death so many times. Will he finally get the end that he wants?

I’m still on the train of these later Getter Robo Arc episodes being the best it ever looked. Clearly, a lot of resources and time where cut from the first half to make the second one look at gorgeous and awesome as possible. There was no rest in this episode. While there was a lot of still and and standing 2D, they where all very well shot and directed. Still ok at best, but they didn’t ruin the impact of each scene at all. The 3D with the Arc against the BUG, the scenes of destruction with the Getter Emperor were very good, and it was all just so nicely put together. So much great action and flow. On average, all of it is very good.

I just..this episode man. In fact, every episode since the Getter Robo Arc crew made it through the portal has been literally insane. Insane in such an interesting way. A way that explores some themes of evolution, humanity, and everything else while also having very cool robot fights and all sorts of chaos behind it. The visuals are still at Getter Robo Arc’s best and we only have one episode left. How is this show supposed to end? we don’t have an ending with the manga so somehow everything comes to an end here. Either way, I don’t think it’s possible for me to be disappointed. The ride known as Getter Robo Arc has been great!

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