Weekly Seasonal Anime: Summer 2021 Anime Season Week 11

Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 7

Love Live, how do you do it? How do you have so much crazy things going on in this episode and yet have so much emotion behind it? I mean, Sumire ran for president against Kazuki and yet got negative votes. Keke had an imagination spot about an idol speak easy, there was a scooby doo chase, and then there was political drama. Kazuki promising the whole school that the festival would feature the whole school until there was a scandal. Kanon, Chi, Keke, and Sumire breaking into her house and hearing that Kazuki had no more money and only had the school that was about to close left was so sad. It all makes sense while Sumire is so tightened up.

The Heike Story Episode 1

Oh hey, a fall anime made it here already. I am happy that shows are starting to break away from the seasonal format. Anyway, this first episode had a lot. Essentially, we open with a group of red warriors taking down people who oppose or talk badly about the Heike clan. In this incident, Biwa lost her father as a price for saying something bad about them. Then we get a cut to the nobles of the Heike clan having fun and eventually we meet Biwa once again who can see the future and death of the Heike clan. She is taken in by a noble who wants to know more and that’s it basically. A lot of promise. I love the mixture of Yamada’s direction and the Science Saru visuals. I can’t wait to see how it keeps going.

Sonny Boy Episode 10

Some wild times happened in this episode once again. This one mainly focused on Asakaze by the way of a classmate who can read minds. So we see how much of jerk he actually is, surprise surprise, that girl still likes him anyway. The main idea of this plot is that girl sending for Nozomi to calm the guy down as Asakaze, Aki, that girl, and Nozomi travel through the scar of the world to defeat War. War turns out to be broke in his own way. And also, Nozomi jumps into a giant casem in which we don’t know if she will live or not. A quick scene with Nagare, Mizuho, the cats, and yamabiko shows that Mizuho finally understands she can copy live things. The show is slowly drifting towards an ending point somehow.

Hamefura X Episode 12 (Finale)

Well, this was definitely an episode that feels like a leap off to the movie that we will eventually get in the future. It put all the plot points together from the season together, including characters that we saw earlier in the season, along with plot points and romantic uplifts that we got through out the show. You know, the ones featuring Catarina X Geordo and Catarina x her younger adopted brother Keith who was pretty rapey in this episode for weird reasons. Some great ballroom stuff and the great girl slumber party afterwards. All of that to lead to the cliff hanger showing Fortune Lover 2. We will be getting a Hamefura movie in the future and I’m sorry happy about that. This show is like a 6/10, but a 6/10 that I can’t help but love.

Kageki Shoujo! Episode 12

I don’t think this episode was as good as last week’s, but it was very strong none the less. A great showing from Yamada as we discover she does know what love means because she is bi. Before her excellent play on Romeo where she performs and sings very well, we dig deep into her backstory that she fell in love with a guy that just wants to be friends and has a girl friend that would like to be her girlfriend. Not to mention Sawa’s advice and take on Tybolt were great as well. The episode ends before its Sarasa’s turn, but seeing and digging into her past a little more sets up a great way to show her act next week. I can see a lot of good things moving forward. Lets end this good show fantastically!

Getter Robo Arc Episode 12

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