Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2021 Anime Season Week 12

Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 8

This episode man. So good for everything that it wanted to accomplish for the most part. What was it about? A bit about Hazuki’s redemption after so many failures and difficult challenges. That complexity of Hazuki’s position of trying to allow her mother’s dream of Yuigaoka to continue, the school being mad at her, and the school idol club thrown into the mix too. That final reveal of her mother loving the club and then her eventual joining of the school idol club and the school festival.

So many great things here with knowing that they might fail anyway. In the end, that didn’t matter as much and hopefully the enrollments can just increase just so we can just get to the Love Live festival! I would love that. We went through all the thematic stuff in Love Live, but I am sure there is much more richness to go moving forward!

The Heike Story Episode 2

Oh man, what an episode. This was a tale of two parts though. The first half had a lot of the political angles with Biwa’s adopted father sending his son off to be isolated after shaming the current heike leader and then Biwa’s explosion at the guy. A little too politically heavy there. The second half was pretty great. Biwa’s excellent story with meeting two adult women at the imperial court, seeing hope of the future she didn’t see before, and then having it taken away from her. It’s the ultimate sadness. For as short time we’ve known these characters, this show is just well executed for all of those things. Man.

Sonny Boy Episode 11

Oh man, this episode. It’s an episode of reflection, sadness, invention, and thoughtfulness. It’s an episode about Nozomi being dead and figuring what death means in an infinite world. Mizuho and Nagare spending the opening seconds giving Nozomi a funeral. Then Rajdhani returns to help the two to move on. There is a lot of work and saying goodbye to their normal worlds.

Rajdhani helps the pair to create an apollo rocket for Mizuho and Nagare to leave the world with all of them leaving everything behind. I honestly don’t know how the show is going to end next week because this is a good conclusion. I guess something wrong has to happen or it could be a normal episode. Lots to think about.

Kageki Shoujo! Episode 13 (Finale)

So ends this series in one of the heaviest and yet light hearted portions of this show that we’ve had. The ending of the auditions for the skit, the results, and how characters feel about it. Andou taking the stage as Romeo pushed other characters to the side, but Sarasa shined in her moment of Tybolt and eventually took the role for herself. In that end, Yamada took the role of Juliet leaving Ai wondering where she went wrong and it was such a subtle change or thing.

It’s her life experiences. Her acting was great, but she wasn’t innocent enough. Every decision that was made was through micro results. At the end, it was calming regardless. That was the girl’s first challenge out of many in the future. All sorts of power and kindness to consider going forward if there is another season. I hope another season happens.

Magia Record Season 2 Episode 8 (Finale)

A lot of things happened in this episode like usual. But that’s ok, because the character beats were on point. After some struggle, team work, and understanding, the Tsuruno and Mami were brought back to us. It was the theme of this season that was able to return them. That concept of all of these girls being weak instead of strong and that is ok. A number of great magical girl combinations through hand holding was able to sell it all home together. Iroha and Yachiyo got their mate back and so did the og Madoka crew with Mami.

What remains behind is all the cliff hangers going forward. Iroha found her younger sister, what happens with that afterwards? What about Kuroe’s break down that we saw at the end when she drowned in her own fears of not being like any of them? A lot to consider their team. Besides one weird decision to not sub some of beginning part of the episode for some reason (because it had to be a choice), this episode was great. Season 2 of Magia Record was great. I can’t wait for season 3 in the very near future.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 13 (Finale)

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