My Neck: What If Original Live Action Anime? (First Impression)

In this world of anime of where live action adaptations of beloved anime are produced by companies that seek more profit then anything else, or at least seems like it, there are those people who take that anime influence to produce original stories. Or at least production companies that take what they know from shonen battle series and create an energy story like that. From a smaller media production by the name of Real Life Glitch Entertainment, where you can find their YouTube channel here: Link, comes My Neck. A Shonen battle series with people using neck based powers and attacks. Here is a trailer!

Have A Trailer!

From the one episode (of six) that I check out, the concept and story behind My Neck is pretty simple and to the point for so many things. This is the classic martial arts story of a kid named Neck Kid who is an orphan and is trained by his older master by the name of Neck Master. Of course, Neck Kid wants to be one of Neckists there are! Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to train to earn his abilities. One day, the impossible happens when one of Neck Master’s former students Elite Neck shows up followed by a villain named Greg who ends up killing Neck Master. So yeah, it’s pretty predictable what happens next, but there is something fantastic about that fact.

I love the simple season behind the series too. In a quick and efficient narrative sort of way when Neck Master and Neck Kid fight off against each other. It’s such a cool and character building way to do that scene. You can see Neck Kid’s impatiences versus Neck Master’s Reassurance. Anyway, the battle system is rather simple. All combatants aim for the back of their opponent’s necks. There is lines on the back of the neck that forms as the opponent takes damage. When opponents loses all their neck points, they die. It sounds simple and it is, but it allows for all sorts of variation of combat styles and it’s easy for viewers to know everything that is going on regarding combat because it is simple like that. I am excited to see all the Neck styles later on.

What amazes me is the quality of acting and action choreography. There is so much quality acting here. There is a lot of fantastic acting talent here. It’s obvious that the people acting in My Neck are greatly influenced by shonen anime and actually know what characters they are playing. I love it. I love the passion and believe in their projects. The action choreography is great too. There is the classic anime side to side action shots are prevalent as well as fun still frames that usually come from those low budget by entertainment action scenes. Outside of those wonder bits anime cliche scenes like that, it’s like watching a martial arts film. I’m kind of amazed by it. Having a balance of both is very anime.

The one part that I am a bit mixed about are some of the visual effects. For special and called attacks, the special effects around those are fantastic. No complaints. what i am unsure about are the 90’s anime tear drops that show up when a character is unsure or ashamed. Those scenes just kind of out of place and dorky. I feel like they are just placed like a png file on top of a character’s face. Maybe that is the point, but I don’t know. There is a few limit regarding what you can do when it comes to cartoons and live action. Besides that, kind of excited to see more. It’s fun. This is a fun experience. I do want to see more in the future.

You can find this series on Amazon Prime right here if you are interested: Link

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