Weekly Seasonal Watches: Summer 2021 Anime Season Week 13

Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 9

Well, this episode is centered around a simple yet excellent concepts here. Those being not only these goofy girls signing up for Love Live finally, but the bullying of Kanon for a name of the group and a song that will take all of them to the top. Kanon, the girl who didn’t want to sing at their first performance and the girl who refused to take part in the presidential elections.

Of course, she wasn’t going to do that until the right moment hits and she comes up with some good stuff. The name of Leile is pretty great and apparently, she had some great lyrics? Plus, the club shenanigans were great too. Very down low, but well put together episode.

The Heike Story Episode 3

Wow, a lot of complicated things in motion here. Some last moments of Biwa with her brothers at a special place on the coast somewhere. A place where she can be young with her kids before something horrible happens. That horrible thing being the monk rebellion and the breaking of the Heike estate for the emperor itself. Lots of complicated movements and thoughts going here.

Father vs son, an empress who doesn’t sleep with her emperor, and other things. War is starting and it will all break apart. This show is rushed, but I am learning some interesting things about Japanese culture. So while the show is just kind of eh over all, the concepts in it are interesting.

Sonny Boy episode 12 (finale)

What a beautiful finale to end the show on. Nagara and Mizuho lost in the world of normal people. Their ending isn’t what they wanted, but at least they learned something from the expedience. Same with Nagara and Mizuho finding their long-lost companion Nozomi dating Nakase in that world too.

The highlight of the whole episode itself was the moment when Mizuho and Nagara escaped. The running with all the wild imagery was excellent. The ending isn’t completely sad, but not completely happy either. Regardless, a very well put together and unique show no one is going to ever be ready for.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2

Hey, my comfy Friday series are still here! This show was simply just more Restaurant to Another World. The series starts with an adventure by the name of Hilda sent on a mission for chunk change revolving around killing goblins turning into her visit of the traveling restaurant to eat some cheese cake. So cute. A great way to introduce us back into the cast of this restaraunt.

The after the middle point with the boss feeding his two works and then Aletta at home with Susan was great. I really like Susan, so seeing some semblance of their relationship after Susan saw Aletta on the streets in the first season was cool. Kuro is cute as well. I’m just glad their lives together are rather excellent. Just an ok first episode, but that’s ok. Still as comfy as ever.

86 Season 2 Episode 1

Oh hey, 86 is back! Kind of mildly excited about that fact, but it is what it is. This episode was a very much a “this is where our character’s are” episode. In San Magnolia, Lena had her rank lowered but she is using status and results to get her way to help her units with the leader of the name Cyclops while still remembering the people who used to be there.

On the other hand, Shin and the others were found and saved by the Federacy of Giad and were kept in the hospital until they found what to do with them. So of course, they are adopted and can do what they want. Their supposed father seems to want them to live in peace but will they? Who knows. Good first episode of this cour.

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  1. Sounds like all your favorites are progressing nicely, ending well, or coming back for another season. You’re a lucky anime fan! I’m still waiting for the next season of Cowboy Bebop. It will happen, I’m sure! Another season of Natsume Yujincho would be good too. They never did finish the Flying Witch series. . . Dang it! Most of my favorite series never had real endings!

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