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So hello everyone. I have not shared this here yet, but I have an article on Getter Robo on Anime News Network right now. You can read that right here: link. The reason I didn’t share this yet is because I wanted to wait until I started working on a second article before I called my self a contributing writer. So yes, a second pitch has been accepted and I will not tell you what it’s about, but you may have seen a tweet that influenced its appearance. I think it should be a fun one.

Writing for Anime News Network was a complete surprise for me but it was apart of summer of doing many different experimental things. I did have a part time writing internship this summer and I originally thought that would be happy with. I work part time at another job and two part time jobs meant that I had a somewhat full time schedule. Well, I completed my work faster then I thought for that internship in question and there was never more work to get into so I decided to look for something else to do along with it. You know, me being a glutton for being busy.

The first thing I tried was starting up a Fiver account so I do some some free lancing work. After a while, all I got where spam emails about getting paid for giving one person remote access to my computer and that was a big no. Like no way in hell. So after a few months, I shut down my account though I may bring it back in the future. But, I did find some time to help a friend with his book series by reading through his books and writing down some important information. That was a lot of fun and I got to read through books at a pace that I haven’t for a while. It was a paid job too, so all wins there. You should read Ashley Cape’s books. He’s a fantastic author.

Applying to be a contributing writer for Anime News Network was like a “well, what if I give this a try and see what happens” kind of things. I mean, i tried to pitch some work to other anime sites, so I thought that this one would be a no too. Well, apparently it wasn’t. The response came a lot later then I thought it would, but I was happy to received it. So yes, I am a contributing writer on Anime News Network for every once in a while. I still like having more own time an space to writer whatever I want here and I will not be leaving word press at anytime in the near future. I mean, I have to run by pitches and get them approved there. What it means is that I have more places and avenues to expand my reach.


  1. Hey, Congrats! I was just browsing ANN yesterday, maybe I already read your article. I’ll have to check your link to see. Really, I’m super happy for you. As a former novelist that gave up, I know how hard it is to make money writing. To get a gig with the Anime News Network is big. Congratulations! I hope I get to read more of your articles on ANN in the future.

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  2. That’s super awesome! I’ve always wanted to pitch to ANN and other anime news sites to write stuff for them, but honestly, I’ve just been too nervous and anxious to do it (yet). It is on my goal for 2022 though, so hopefully I can give it a shot (the pitching part, I figured it’s a start/practise that will motivate me to try and pitch to agents and publishers eventually, which I’m also too chicken to do).

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      1. This is very true. I did that with uni and things have turned out surprisingly awesome. I really just need to get over my fear of rejection and do the things. Need to grow some guts haha.

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