Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2021 Anime Season Week 1

AMAIM Warrior At The Border Episode 1

Read the collab episode review with Irina here: Link

Love Live! Superstar! Episode 10

Man. When the drama is going in Superstar, it really goes. It even builds off some of the silliness of character relationships to put it all into such a serious manner. It really works. How does this happen? After so many idol groups applied for love live in each reason, the region Leille chose is rap. Yay idol announcer girl! So obviously, Sumire was the best rapper out of all of them. That is truly when the drama hits. Idols. The center.

After Sumire wanted the center for so long, she got it for the rapping competition. Every girl in Leilee wanted it, but Sumire is so full of stage freight of actually getting it and the reception was so bad online that she got turned away from. It got even worse when Keke told her family she would go home if she didn’t win Love Live. So yeah, it took every bodies words, but mostly Keke, to get Sumire to be center and rap. In the end, it all successfully happened. Excellent episode.

The Heike Story Episode 4

How times change, huh? Time seems to change a lot in this episode. Part of some trading of nobles comes around with Tokoku’s baby to help her birth through some luck. Except that one guy we don’t know about. Shigemori also wishes to die because he doesn’t see such a good future. So yeah, the mantle moved Muremori before he died from his life force disappearing from when he prayed. Biwa was just the eye to watch all of these events happening. Crazy things changing here.

I feel like this is the show that has all the strengths and weaknesses of the show itself. There is too many names. Especially for the Japanese nobles the show focuses on that I don’t even know about or even remember their names being important. The story itself is good and emotional for those we spent time with while some characters just feel like characters that have to be their for the story. It’s like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but when there is a speed-run. At least I know what is going on. Good, just not great.

Sakugan Episode 1

Yay more original mecha anime! Sakugan set up a lot of things in a short amount in a great way just like Listeners did with world building and everything. Except, I think this one has more heart to it. In this story, nine year old Memempu who is a great inventor and already went through college and pays for work want to be a Marker an adventurer. It’s too bad that dead beat dad Gagumber doesn’t want to. After the two hand out with another father and daughter Marker combo, the two decided to go out during a kaiju attack.

So yeah, it’s an excellent first episode. Great bits of cg kaiju and mecha anime, good character animation, a great goal with some mysteries involving a place Memempu sees in her dream calling here. I love this so far and I cannot wait for more. I think this might be the show of the season though it’s only been one episode.

Restaraunt to Another World Season 2 Episode 2

Well, I am liking the sorts of cases involved in creating some very fun and adventurous things in this show to break out the norm. I loved literal Romeo and Juliet showing up at the restaurant for Beefsteak to escape their pursuers. I’m glad in this edition to at least survive this one for real. The next portion involved some meetings of Sarah actually make it to the restaurant for once and then the princess ordering some food to eat with her maid with coffee from the sand country. I just…wow. So comfy and cool. I am enjoying this season a lot so far.

86 Part 2 Episode 2

While this was a simple episode about these 86 heading back to war, the build and direction to it was incredible. Raiden had his moving buddies, Shin with his friend he met at the library, Anju and her cooking buddies, Karuna and her outfits, and Theoto and his art at the park. Despite all their effort in living a normal life, they eventually decided to go back to the military anyway. Very effective direction in showing the war looming over him. I liked the Frederica reveal too. To war they go. Very interested to see where this goes!

Lupin The Third: Part 6 Episode 0

I’m pretty happy with this introduction episode. I think this is a fantastic way to set up everything and see where the cast currently is. Mainly because Jigen wanted to break way from the cast once again. Something about the present not being up to his choice with new weird technologies. Him breaking loose was a good way of seeing the cast talk to each other more thoughtfully then usual and I don’t expect that from a Lupin series before Jigen comes back in awesome style. Mainly it’s about the adventure and crimes, but I am happy about how this episode went even it if was visually kind of eh. I want to see Lupin vs Sherlock now. Let the chaos truly begin!

Happy retirement for Kiyoshi Kobayashi! You’ve had a good run and it’s sad seeing you go after so long. Hope you enjoy your retirement as Akio Ohtsuka takes over the legendary role!

Blue Period Episode 1

With this, actual Netflix shows start showing up on this list. Isn’t that crazy? Netflix is two weeks behind broadcast, but I am just glad that it’s here. Eventually, Komi-san will be here too. A new era for Netflix!

Anyway, this episode was very well written and constructed. We see the journey of Yatora as he starts out as just a delinquent who studies ridiculously hard and hangs with out his friends. An existence that he is not completely sure about until that one day he sees a friend, Yukachan, wearing a skirt of all things with their art club. Ever since then and the time Yatora sees a beautiful seen in the city he was in when he stayed up all night and actually decided to paint it for his art class and possibly wants to pursue it more. So yeah, a good inspirational anime about cynicism vs pushing for what he wants. Especially since he got a push by Yuka and helped by Mori an all with good teacher instruction from Saeki sensei.

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