Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – Quick Trailer Thoughts

I can’t believe that I am writing this considering how I don’t usually watch trailers at all. You know, unless I sit in a movie theater and they are forced upon me or something, but Dragon Ball is so different. I haven’t written about dragon ball in a long time but I appreciate it so much. Not my favorite franchise anymore, but I still do my best to watch everything that comes out about it. I am deciding not going to read the manga for Super at this point. Maybe at some point in the future. I was worried about canon of this movie at first but apparently it’s not, so whatever.

So, let’s finally discuss the trailer.

The first thing I want to discuss are the visuals. Yeah, it’s cg and somewhat playful in that. In all honestly, it looks as decent like Netflix Ultraman levels. Something which looks interesting and even decent but not as the most well thought out or most fluid. Some people online mentioned how it looked like a video game and it really does. That being said, I wouldn’t mind if the movie looked like this personally. It could be better, but seeing Toei experiment on even things they own is interesting. I want to see how these experiment with cg through out the whole film because even Dragon Ball Super Brolly has a lot of cg in it. It’s just not as focused on.

As for the story at the moment, I don’t know. There are some new super hero characters, some rich people, one rich boy who seems to be eating some mystical things. I am guess that, as all Dragon Ball villains seem to be doing, go after Goku and Vegeta for some reason. That could be wrong and I don’t care. The whole thing feels like some usual Dragon Ball filler arc or just episodes into a movie and considering that those are sometimes my favorite part of Dragon Ball, I am definitely down for a movie like that. Maybe the plot is experimental in some ways too. It would be fascinating to just play around with Dragon Ball for a short bit of time. There is so much that you can do.

Anyway… Maybe there is no point in writing this short thing, but I am very curious, a little nervous, and a little excited about what Super Hero will entail. It just has some fun character stuff going on with new yet similar designs and some cg that may or may not be good. Yeah, that’s the whole thing. Thank you for stopping by for this short, mostly pointless post. If you are a Dragon Ball fan, what are your thoughts on it?


  1. I’m cautiously optimistic with this trailer. It doesn’t look anywhere near as gorgeous as Broly did, but it doesn’t look too bad, as for the story I’m kinda hoping Goku is off-world training (since we don’t see him interact with anyone) and this film is just Pan and Piccolo taking on the Red Ribbon army. I know Goku will probably jump in at the end to save the day, but here’s hoping someone else gets the spotlight for once.

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  2. I didn’t hear that this was not canon, I thought I heard the opposite. All very confusing. I think it looks okay to be fair. It does look a little stiff at times, but I really think it comes down to how the action looks in motion, and what little they show here does look pretty good.

    After this trailer dropped, I saw a lot of people saying that these new characters (the humans ones) look/seem similar to the villains from Bio-Broly and were getting excited by the potential of this being some kind of reimagining of that. I don’t know why they would though because from what I heard, that was amongst the worst of the Dragon Ball movies. I wouldn’t know, I haven’t seen it.

    I was always a fan of the previous theory based on the title that this was a movie starring Gohan, Piccolo and Pan. And that Goku and Vegeta were hardly in it. This trailer seems to imply otherwise though. I’m up to my neck in Dragon Ball though, so I’ll be seeing this either way. *sweats nervously*

    I don’t know why nobody has commissioned Arc System Works to just go ahead and make a CG movie at this point because their games are stunning.

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    1. I don’t know the dragon ball z shonen jump films, so I have no say in the matter really. And honestly, I’m stuck on the dragon ball train too, so at least I’m not alone.

      With that last point, I have no idea. Maybe too expensive for Toei

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  3. I’m definitely not a fan of CG so when the rumors first started coming out that the whole movie was going to be like this I was definitely concerned. I just feel that CG can never be as good as hand drawn but in a vaccum I still like CG. So since they went this route, I’m sure I will still love the film and all, but I hope this doesn’t become a regular thing.

    As for the plot, I’ll be interested to see how these new guys can be a match for Goku and Broly. They’re gonna need to pull out all the stops!

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      1. Heh, you know the best way to put it might be in a food analogy. Take Boiled Eggs for example. My Grandma likes making them a lot because that’s what she grew up eating and I like them so I always eat them when she comes over. They taste good so I’m satisfied.

        That said, I’d never make boiled eggs if I had a choice because I prefer them fried or scrambled. They just taste better to my tastebuds. Fried Eggs is what I’d make for myself for every breakfast.

        So I like boiled eggs (Boiled Eggs = CGI) but if I had a choice I’d always go for Fried Eggs (Hand Drawn) instead. It’s just better all around but I still like both.

        Not sure if that translates it better, I just like turning everything into food analogies. So I do like CG, it’s just never my first choice


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