Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2021 Anime Season Week 2

AMAIM Warrior At The Border Episode 2

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Love Live! Superstar! Episode 11

Superstar really does have some amazing episodes. Especially this one. I like all the work put into creating these wonderful and relatable characters. Even Hazuki enjoying some yuri thing on a computer. But yeah, this was Kanon’s episode. Kanon conquering her fear once and for all by singing for children in the place she first croaked up alone. So finally, she did it by finally acknowledging her younger self. Also, Chi and Kanon have such a good relationships. As I’ve stated before, such a good episode!

Rumble Garanndoll Episode 1

Studio Lerche makes yet another minimalist yet very effective anime production in this series. In a world where Otaku culture is taken out of Japan from alien invaders, there is only Akihabara that has last that tested of time. The only real hero is Hosomichi, a very debt written individual, who denies his otaku influences until he defeats the first robot sent by alien invaders through his own passion he didn’t know he had. You know, until he denies it again. This episode was very wonky, but had some interesting elements to it. Could be another underground hit if it stays the course.

The Heike Story Episode 5

This continues to be a show where I wish the character’s names would at least appear on screen before them saying anything. I know this anime isn’t aimed at me, but it would be a little more helpful. But anyway, this episode was the fall out of Shigemori’s death. His death led to a power vacuum and movement of people and a lot of uncertainty.

The Heike and other parties started to go to war with each other and Shigemori’s oldest son being involved in combat he didn’t want. The combat wasn’t important, but it was quick and excellent. Lot of good political movements regarding Shigemori’s father and other things too. Biwa is just witnessing it happen. Uh oh.

Sakugan Episode 2

Still in their town of origin, this episode featured Memepbu and Gogumber working with Walsh and Lynda’s crew and their own former mining job to finally defeat the kaiju that attacked their town. It was a very good episode of the two uniting together and finally developing a dynamic that has been stagnant for a long time. Just a well crafted, musically interesting, and simple but powerful episode for this show. I hope the two find more thing to enjoy on their journey and i look forward to episode 3 next week.

Restaraunt to Another World Season 2 Episode 3

Restaurant to Another World continues to my big comfort series of this cour of shows. The first part contained three kids about to go on their adventure meeting different people in the restaurant while enjoying their hamburgers and fries. The second involved a long time passerby Alphonse who has a Curry connection with Kurou with them and Aletta enjoying three different types of curry while still loving their chicken curry more. Very good character and people loving the food they eat episode once again. I really do appreciate this show a lot. More please.

86 Part 2 Episode 3

Oh man, these episodes are just crazy good. I could tell you technically that Shin didn’t lose anything by the numbers. With Shin and the others passing through officer school, there was a monument to the machines lost in Shin and other’s combat. Shin also didn’t make any new friends with Marcel, but Eugene is still with him. Still talking to Shin and wanting to be his friend. Despite Shin gaining Fido back, but he lost Eugene during the latest Eugene attack. Not even cute little Frederica, who is the mascot of the group, could help anything. Such a painful episode of war.

Lupin The Third: Part 6 Episode 1

The first episode of this real portion of Lupin is here and it’s a fantastic set up for everything in this arc. Lupin saved his friend Albert from his crime of a famous poster falling apart. This was a great set up for Lupin just doing his thing in London with an older Sherlock Holmes as the guy watching over Lily who must be Watson’s daughter. Holmes seems like a great father figure who wants Lily to not be involved in his investigation. There is history between Lupin and Sherlock with a force in between pushing tension again. I really can’t wait to see more next week. I loved all of it.

Blue Period Episode 2

This episode of Blue Period is very good, but I felt like it certainly moved things pretty quickly. Or maybe that is the point. Maybe this is the true end of Blue Period’s prologue. Over time, Yatora slowly allowed himself to be immersed into art and not let his logical brain take over. At the same time, Yatora’s mom saw how serious he was in art as his skills grew. That ending moment when Yatora finally convinced hims mom on his entrance into the world of art through all the things he just noticed was wonderful. Yatora is a good kid.

Yuka-chan was barely in it, but their presence was never missed. Saeki sensei was ever helpful and wonderful as she could be when helping Yatora and everyone else in the art classroom. Mainly though, this was also Mori’s episode after Yatora has his turn. I can appreciate her despite her small presence because was another influence in Yatora getting to where he is despite her never being the best in her art prep school locations. For all the small amount of time she was in here before her graduation, I’m going to miss her and hope she has a good time in college. I really do dig how Blue Period is written and am looking forward to more.

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