Mechanical Anime Reviews Episode 9: Getter Robo Arc

As with episode 8, I have started posting these podcasts onto YouTube and whatever services anchor provides before this posts. If you follow my YouTube account or wherever it is available, then you will get those before hand on those platforms. Thanks for those people who listen to my podcast on those before they show up here. This is a small bit of an extension outside of my blog for fun.

Anyway, episode 9 is a short episode about Getter Robo Arc. For me, that was the mecha anime that came out in summer 2021 compared to who knows how many mecha shows that are coming out this season? I’m only watching four mecha shows this season which isn’t even all of them. Kind of crazy in that regard here. I really do dig that fact here.

Anyway, here is where you can listen to my podcast.

Finding where else to listen to this podcast here: Link

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