Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2021 Anime Season Week 3

AMAIM Warrior At The Border Episode 3

Read the collab episode review with Irina here: Link

Love Live! Superstar! Episode 12 (Finale)

I know that this is the end of a cour, but it’s so good. Man, this is probably the best that I have personally seen from Live Live and I’ve liked all of them in one way or another. It’s pretty obvious that these girls were going to lose came to represent Tokyo, but I felt proud of them. Everyone worked so hard. Kanon herself is so confident now and wanted more.

The other girls were a bit more background characters, but they were still full of personally in all of it. I also loved the supporting girls who helped create the stage all of them preformed at for their live stream. Second place is still great, but it doesn’t get them to Love Live! Maybe next cour. Once again, a great ending.

Rumble Garanndoll Episode 2

This show really is about the genuine Otaku spirit, isn’t it? Especially since Hosomichi doesn’t want to be true to himself or express himself in anyway. Yet, he is recruited as the pilot by Akahabari (due to his debt) of the Garanndoll where he has to connect to Rina for the mecha to run on pure otaku spirit. Especially since him going with whatever Rina wanted in order to pilot the mecha didn’t work because she knew Hosomichi was being fake. Something that ties the themes of the show together pretty well.

There is also a lot of interesting comedy in this show that just makes me laugh. I liked the fact that the flying mecha which attacked Akahabari base was tied to a blimp through some ropes. I also think that the enemy being stupid enough to move in a straight line for the rebel’s attack to work out. Loved it. Way to use the show’s lower animation budget so effectively. Very well realized and put together show. Might be the underrated show of the year. Only two episodes in so hard to tell that right now, but I am keeping an eye out for that reality to happen.

The Heike Story Episode 6

Ok, I am slowly getting to know these names because the show actually allowed me to do it. Especially this week’s episode focused on Koremori not being his father, Shigemori. All in the service of showing that the Heike are not as war focused as they used to be. Especially since Koremori is a big coward, but was forced to command from his grandfather Kiyomori who expected great things from him and he failed. All of this while we see this from Biwa’s unbiased point of view.

And of course, the episode has a lot more going on. The Heike retreated from the capital to form a new one which no one likes, the Ginju uprising happens with there 200,000 men against Koremori’s 70,000. A lot of uncomfortable things regarding Tokuko and the last emperor just dying while she looks at the water. Plus, a lot of classic japanese instruments here were performed here. It’s just a beautiful episode with a lot of things. My favorite episode so far!

Sakugan Episode 3

This episode was simply the conflict between Memempbu and Gogumber in motion. Memempbuc’s brains versus Gogumber’s experience with Memempbu thinking she can traveling without her guidance and her inevitably failure of not understanding what is around her or all the risks involved. Eventually, Gogumber does saver her daughter and the come into the conclusion that the two need to work together. All of this was through marker mecha action by the way. Lots of climbing and cutting through rocks with some kaiju here too. Good episode even if Memempbu was a little annoying. That was the point.

Komi Can’t Communication Episode 1

I don’t think that I will ever get used to being able to watch anime weekly on Netflix.

Anyway, this episode was very good. Honestly, probably the best episode of something that I’ve watched this season so far and that says a lot. It’s a very simple episode of the beginning of high school about first impressions and what happens afterwards. It’s basically an episode of one boy named Tadano finding a way to talk to the very attractive Komi who doesn’t know how to talk while getting the ire of all his classmates by just sitting next to her and it did that very well.

Especially since this show is directed very well and full of all sorts of good bits of energy. A good balance of drama and comedy in ways that works. Komi has so much character despite not being able to talk easily. Tadano is great too. Plus, there was a lot of good scenes. Komi running away or moving was great because you can feel the stress around her. Same with that good chalk scene. Very happy to have this one available now.

Restaraunt to Another World Season 2 Episode 4

This episode focused on a lot of kids with some low-key fantasy racism in it. Mainly about the kids of royalty being told their half elf aunt is a witch. Which, yeah. Especially since we know this aunt and she is good. Especially when she takes these kids to fantasy Dennys for a kids meal after they ate her pudding she had in a cold spell. The other portion was some very business oriented kids selling stew to towns folk and then stopping by for lots of croquettes. Very comfy kid focused episode. All of these episodes are just comfy.

86 Part 2 Episode 4

These episodes about war are rather huge, right? With the Legion’s big attack coming and the reformation of the 86 after helping different divisions in the Federation of the Giad’s military. While the focus is on Shin, the other four have now appeared. Their commanding officer Wenzel created their current units from her experiences from the past and Frederica, after a random half naked walking, admits how the war started by using the Legion to fight against other countries before they went out of control. Man, classic sci fi A.I., but so well told. Another well directed episode too. It’s great seeing more of this world. I wonder if we will see Lena before the attack.

Lupin The Third: Part 6 Episode 0

Lupin is so good, man. After some small bits of reflection and inspection with Zenigata working with Scotland Yard, the mystery of the Raven revealing considering that they took money from germany to be so mysterious, the biggest selling explosion was Sherlock getting back in action. It’s pretty cool to see him, after doing some small bits of solving crimes and protecting Lily after Watson’s death, to take on Lupin and his gang and get them out of London for now. Man, so cool!

There is a lot of mystery to all of these elements here in that sort of manner. Albert is probably heavily involved with Raven and Lily is starting to remember more and more about Lupin. There is obviously some kind of three sided battle happening in London that makes is so interesting. What is better is that despite new cast members into the lore, older ones still have there moments too. This season is very well put together. I really dig it.

Blue Period Episode 3

This episode was Yotara finally figuring out how tough his art competition was and figuring out how art isn’t just writing and composition. How does he figure that out? Well, he is finally going to the art prep school with characters that are way more gifted then him. Some very classic shonen tropes being put into art successfully here because he is going to have to work hard and figure out something about art to get close to their level. It’s just that he is missing a view point of some kind that he can’t get by just copying art. Seeing him gain that is going to be interesting.

There was also some Yuka-chan content in this episode that put their self discovery into perspective. I am going to say they/them despite Yuka-chan saying that they are a male who likes other males and crossdressing, but the fact that they don’t feel like they belong in the world around them makes them feel non-binary to me. Or possibly trans, I have no idea. I know people like them who complain after falling out with their crush and then immediately rebound. Yuka-chan’s difference revolves around gender and societal expectations though. I look forward to more as they discover who they are.

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  1. Superstar is no OG, but it’s miles ahead of Sunshine… Unsurprisingly a 2nd season has already been announced.

    Blue Period – early contender for AOTS for me, and it’s not even close. Going to be even harder to write about this ep than the first two.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One day when the whole OG Love Live appears on a streaming service or I get the will do some other things…

      Yeah, I agree about Blue Period. It’s definitely in my top three at the moment because I do look forward to watching it every week for a lot of good and very relatable/worrisome reasons too. Especially since I once considered something like music something I wanted to get into and then…saw other people better at it so I just decided to do it as a hobby.

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