Tsuredure Children: Mix Quality of Couples (#TheJCO)

So, a major question. Have you ever checked out game or a series of any kind because it is referenced in a game being played? That is what got me into trying out Tsuredure Children. It’s opening (or segments of its opening) appear in Jon Spencer’s Weekly AMQ games quite a lot. If you didn’t know, that’s a game that gives you about 20 seconds to guess an anime title based on the music that appears. Tsuredure Children appears a lot on AMQ and I want that gauranteed extra point. Especially worth watching considering that Tsuredure is only one cour long and made out of 12-minute episodes. Finally, the right time to watch it came and I did it.

Tsuredure Children is a show with a lot of mix levels of quality to it. If you enjoy romantic comedy shows set on specific interactions between couples like confession scenes or otherwise, this is your show. Or even if you enjoy watching characters fail, because Schadenfreude is fun. Especially since Tsuredure has a large cast of awkward characters that either don’t know how to confess, constantly get stuck in the wrong moment, or don’t know what is going on. That enjoyment depends on how grating the show’s characters are to sensibilities. There are also the rare chad moments in which confessions and relationships evolve successfully.

The one thing that gets to me in this show is the good couples do not get as much screen time as they could. Considering that Tsuredure Children has the large cast it does, there is a couple mediocre couples that ruin the rest of the broth so to say. They show in the majority of each episode for one of each episode’s three segments. It could be the couple that got in a misunderstanding over text or the couple that looks at other couples actually acquiring progress in their relationship while theirs continues to go nowhere until the restart at the end of this show after frustration. It’s pretty grating.

To match against those moments are either the school president and female delinquent. The two have so much good chemistry with each other and are genuinely playful with each other while respecting some good boundaries. Same with the soccer star and his girlfriend as they get closer and closer to each other. I love seeing these couples every time they are on screen. There are the very nothing kind of set up couples going on with whatever is up with that astronomy club or the constant confessing on the radio club members, but I find that sort of shenanigans pretty enjoyable.

The visuals of it are nothing special, but the show is directed well enough to where none of that matters. Just plain and simple character designs, but you can tell one person from another easily and that is all that is needed here for Tsuredure Children to work out. So, in general, have a very mixed opinion of this show. Very much in that ok to good range. I am very bad with names so I didn’t mention any for that reason. There is just too many of them for me to hold onto. Not a bad thing. Just full of “oh, it’s that person” fulfilling most of the character names for me.

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