Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2021 Anime Season Week 4

AMAIM Warrior At The Border Episode 4

Read the collab episode review with Irina here: Link

Rumble Garanndoll Episode 3

This episode was pretty great! Very well executed change of heart from Hoshimichi finally realizing he was not being true to himself. The entire sequence of Rin’s dream that Hoshimichi entered was so interesting. Especially with the short glimpse of Hoshimichi’s childhood where his love of super robots was pushed aside really was cool and seeing Hoshimichi cosplaying too was great.

The two really do work pretty well each other. I loved the comedy elements before the action sequences occurring that were awesome. Mimi-kun is the best character though. I suppose next time we are moving away from super robot love to idols? I guess we are going through the otaku tropes. I can dig it. Works every thematically to this show.

The Heike Story Episode 7

This week, the fall of the Kiyomori and the worst placement of the Heike Clan in accordance to all other parties in Japan. It starts with Biwa’s adoptive siblings making fun of Kiyomori’s head when playing Japanese golf and then, slowly over tike through awful decisions in combat with a clan of monks. Even Tokuko has her rebellion against her father.

King Enma shows up and curses our bald, grandfather and as he burns alive, he curses the rest of the Heike clan with him. Same with Shigahori hating his decisions of burning a temple down. Things can only get worse as the whole of Japan falls apart and aims their swords at them. Biwa makes her escape with Sukemori’s warning. Very powerful episode on all ends.

Sakugan Episode 4

I appreciate this show’s refusal to have normal names. It’s just so powerful. A lot of things happened in this episode. Memempbu and Gagumber waiting for their sentence at Jolly Jolly, literally Italy in a colony, and wander around it and cause all sorts of damage by encountering different people. Especially Gagumber leaving his child behind to get caught up in Femme Fatalle’s Zacletta’s mob boss problems.

So yeah, adventures happen where Gagumber gets kidnapped, working together with Zacletta, and other things. Especially bi mob boss being as threatening as he could be. The episode did look great with no mecha in it. Memempbu didn’t have as much to do while playing the Jim Hawkens to Gagumber’s Gene Starwind. Decent episode in general.

Komi Can’t Communication Episode 2

This episode was very cool and comforting. In this episode and with Tadano’s help, Komi eventually befriends Osana Najimi. Osana is a non binary student whose gender no one will ever know here. The comparison of the ultimate person who can’t communicate vs the person who can communicate with anyone. Finally, during the appearance of the gang members helps Komi to show how awkward she really is and the two finally connect. 98 friends to go. Can’t wait for more.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2 Episode 5

Another comfy episode with some new cast members. IN this episode, we get the new Emilio or Scotch Egg who everyone mistakes for a girl despite looking like a male from the art work of the show and the new Monte Blonce, a mercenary. There is a good plot about Emilio discovering Lamia or snake women and learning from them. Another good plot about that the old lady who used to serve a queen or rich women? Just generally comfy stuff. Same as usual.

86 Part 2 Episode 5

This episode was fantastic. A very simple episode with the legion attacking and the Federation of Giad with our 4 heroes helping to fight them off with their new mecha. Lots of chaos and death until the five of them where able to fight the units off. We also get our Reaper, shin, doing some excellent and crazy things which makes Frederica think of Kiri, her former bodyguard. Lots of character came from these excellent action sequences.

Since the legion attack went to multiple nations, San Magnolia was also hit with our Lena leading a charge of her own, however futile it is, with her uncle helping her for the attack. We already know that San Magnolia is dead but maybe Lena and her people will be able to get out of this somehow. A massive cliff hanger to leave this crazily well directed episode on. Yikes. So good.

Lupin The Third: Part 6 Episode 3

Away from England, the Lupin gang has some crazy fun in England. A lord by the name of Marques is a railroad enthusiast who has an estate where he has a replica railroad of an older one. The Lupin gang are after the first train ticket in England. So what follows is a pretty classic lupin heist with all sorts of chess pieces all over the place, good Jigen action, and all sorts of crazily fun disguises. I can dig that. Every cast member had a role to play in this besides Goemon unfortunately. That’s ok. Not a spectacular episode, but it’s darn fun.

Blue Period Episode 4

This show really does have it’s own small arcs every week, huh? This week seems to be focused on Yatora refining his art even further. From copying art comes him getting a bigger mastery of oil paintings leading to him acquiring more skills and getting a higher rank in art competition despite all the people who weren’t first timers experimenting more. I think him getting a feel of art and composition really feels well done even if he’s moving so fast.

So yeah, one of our cram school members quits due to jealousy. While his skills improve and allow him an outlet to expression his emotions, Yatora starts alienating some other people just by learning so quickly and having friends. Something Yotatsuke doesn’t have at that moment. It’s very interesting that Yatora doesn’t seem to read that yet. At least artists like Kawuna seem to be happy to meet him and eat some good burgers. Hmmm.

Anyway, I haven’t really said a stance on this episode yet. I don’t think it’s the strongest episode so far, but it’s still very good. Well put together and a clear arc and idea behind it with a lot of the love of art placed into it. The mangaka who wrote the source material clearly loves art and that is being expressed through the anime’s visuals pretty well still. It’s very well written.

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  1. I want to watch the new Lupin series, but I can’t subscribe to a 3rd anime streaming service for the sake of one show.

    Komi Can’t Communication is the final show I’m watching for my 3 Episode Rule series, although Netflix’s weird late release schedule has put that one off till the third episode is out. Otherwise, it looks like we’ve got our eyes on different things this season.
    I’m pretty amazed how many good shows there are this season as the rest of the year so far has been pretty quiet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I can see why. There are really too many streaming services out there and only so much money that a person can have at a time….

      I look forward to your thoughts on Komi in the future then. I am a bit amazed that we can watch it weekly at all right now. Too many shows for this season for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Too true with Netflix. Least we’re only getting it with a slight delay rather than what they’re doing with Shaman King.

        If I had to guess, it’s probably because they can get a dub out for it day and date.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. For sure watching Blue Period every week has been such a large amount of joy.

      86 is a great one that starts a bit slow but gets very interesting as you dive into it if you do check it out :).


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