Urobuchi December Announcement

Ok, it’s about time to share that this is happening soon! I watched all the shows that I wanted to for this project and all I need to do is write them! Urobuchi December is going to be a fun time, despite the themes and sadness that comes from Gen Urobuchi’s nickname: “The Urobutcher”. I mean, characters in his story do have a habit of dying or a lot of death do happen in his series, but not all of them do. It really depends on what shows you watch when Urobuchi uncovers the themes he wants to explore. While there is a system in every series he creates for characters to live in, that doesn’t mean that these characters have to remain victims of them through out the show.

So why Urobuchi December? Gen Urobuchi is honestly one of my favorite writers. I remember hearing his name during one specific moment in anime club during my Uni days. My anime club had all of us watching Phantom: Requiem for a Phantom through out that semester. When we got to the end where what happens occurs, one of our members mentioned Gen Urobuchi and that’s where it all started for me. I watched a Gen Urobuchi anime without even knowing it. After that fact, I check out his name online and watched Madoka Magica, Psycho Pass, and Fate/Zero. Whenever his name showed up in a series since then, I knew I had to watch the series he worked on in question because his work left quite a big impression on me.

So, let’s talk some sort of schedule. Here are the planned events for Urobuchi December

Week 1:
-Phantom: Requiem for a Phantom

Week 2:
-Madoka Magica
-Madoka Magica Rebellion

Week 3:
-Psycho Pass Season 1
-Expelled from Paradise

Week 4:
-Suisei no Gargantia

Week 5:
-Thunderbolt Fantasy Season 3

The truth behind this watch is that besides Blassrieter, in which I have never watched before, and Obsolete and Thunderbolt Fantasy Season 3, all of these are rewatches for me. But, it’s been almost a decade since I’ve watched most of these and I just wanted to rewatch them anyway. I feel like I also have so many shows that decided how I perceived anime for a while and watching Urobuchi anime in the early 2010’s was yet another major stepping stone for me in my anime career as an anime viewer. Man, I’ve been at this so long. With this, I am discovering yet another aspect of my anime watching roots that are not Toonami/Gundam and then Bleach. Be excited!

I was planning on doing a Dirty Pair December during the weekends of this event, but I have been a little too caught up with also watching shows for Mecha March already too. If Gen Urobuchi series weren’t as short as they were, this whole thing wouldn’t happen at all. Especially since some of the mecha shows that I am watching for this coming March are 40+ episodes in length. I will have to push Dirty Pair December and make it Dirty Pair January instead perhaps. It might be a thing after my anniversary week. I hope that is ok. There are a lot of weekend topics about Urobuchi’s work that I wanted to discuss too, so this will allow me to do that.

I hope to continue seeing you guys, but more excited about doing it in December.

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  1. The way you feel about Urobuchi, I feel the same way about Satoshi Kon! I watched one of his movies without even knowing it and I loved it so much I looked up what other movies he made and watched those too. Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers are my favorite!

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