Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2021 Anime Season Week 5

AMAIM Warrior At The Border Episode 5

Read the collab episode review with Irina here: Link

Rumble Garanndoll Episode 4

Garanndoll is a harem show that I’m amazed is treating it’s female characters as well as it is. Very respectfully besides Rin and Hoshimichi’s DXF moment and Rin faking her running out of passion at the moment. This episode was about Yuki, the last free idol in her group and because of her cynicism, she sees straight through Hoshimichi as they both work together to figure out her idol career before the enemy attacks. Of course, all of that support from her deflates due to her cynicism. So clearly, Yuki’s arc is her finally believing that she is the idol she wants to be with Hoshimichi’s help. We shall see if that happens. I do trust this show how even handed it is so far.

The Heike Story Episode 8

This episode was so explosive in what it did in a good way. Man, my favorite episode so far possibly. So many bits of good character drama and other things. The fall out of Kiyomori made everything fall apart. Munemori is not a leader and has a lavish life style leading to Koremori taking a more active role in fighting their enemies until his failure against the wild Yoshinaka’s scheming that all of them that the formalities of the Heike fell apart.

The Heike group running away to Hakakura and even the burning of the capital was some striking imagery. Same with Biwa’s journey to find a women with the same eye she does. All of these create a massive emotional journey for everything Heike story creates as the Heike fall further and further down the well by Shigemori’s passing. A lot of crazy things to think about and consider in this episode. A lot to consider and worry about as The Heike Story concludes.

Sakugan Episode 5

This felt like another filler episode or something. But this is one I really like. It’s interesting seeing our government man doing more then just government things while getting Memempbu and Gagumber walking through an old city to save an underground forest. Our government man being Herooro, a very interesting and nerdy guy with a lot of hobbies. Lots of great interactions and visuals for the most part. I think that there was repetition, but I suppose the adventure will start here. Something to look into I think.

Komi Can’t Communication Episode 3

We’ve had a lot of interesting shorts cuts into Komi slowly improving her life. For instance, Komi becoming friends with Agari who wants to be Komi’s dog? Ok. That was a thing that happened, but she did gain a friend. Lots of comedy with Tadano being forced to be the class president, Najimi playing with Tadano and Komi during their one word game, and such. Plus, Komi has a phone with phone numbers now. Not a well balanced episode, but I do like that Komi is slowly improving and there is some good comedic bits here and there.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2 Episode 6

Yeah, this show continues to have a racial thing against elves and half elves. Even with business that the Nekoya creates in that world. I may have to write about that in the future. Look forward to it by the end of the season.

Fardania finds a powerful and young half elf in the woods named Alice, immediate takes them to Nekoya the next morning for rice burgers and eventually they go together to work hard on how to cook food as much well as our chef. There is also a young business man and his chef that show up later to eat pizza they would to replicate for their business. Some interesting things going on in this show. Still comfy dnd things with that sort of complex things going on to. Hmmm. But yeah, just as comfy as usual here.

86 Part 2 Episode 6

The opening scene was like a music video. Man, the falling out of the Republic with Lena leading the last charge was crazy. I know this anime is playing the “did they die or not” trope but I think we all know that Lena and her people are going to live somehow. Otherwise, the episode is our 86 members being sent out on another crazy suicide mission next episode like nothing has changed.

Well, except more people against these kids fighting. Kiri wants to kill and these Federacy of Giad people want his ability in combat against the Legion Morpho. Well, just another day for our best people who would rather be feared then pushed to the side. Karuna of all people said that and it’s amazing. She is the moral point of this show so far. So yeah, another good episode of good tension building.

Lupin The Third: Part 6 Episode 4

I have only nothing to say other then yeah, that was a Mamoru Oshii episode. Yup. The first half being tension built at a dinner between the two goofs at the counter, the server, and the other kilers waiting for one man with a large bounty on him to show up. So obviously, I think all of knew who the three people are the counter were. I mean, how where they not going to be Lupin characters

Lots of good tension built until that last moment with some older media references which are just Mamoru Oshii things. The last part of the episode was just “yeah, whatever”. I’m sure it was all sorts of good trivia or made up stuff for one Hemmingway portion or book with the C.I.A. and it’s ok. We get it Mamoru Oshii, you like these things. Why do you have to share them with us like this? Still a decent episode that is better then Vlad Love, but well….yeah…

Blue Period Episode 5

Well, that was a pretty interesting episode. It feels like Mori is leading Yatora on his journey to achieving more art greatness. Finally, he can discover some sense or way of how to express himself on a canvas. Both Oba Sensei and Saeki Sensei are leading him to that direction. It was interesting seeing his great art piece only to get a little too comfy and fail when his final exam piece is just a copy of the F100 he made.

On the other hand, I feel like this episode just explains the relationship between Yuka-chan and Yatora. Yuka seems to be going through all sorts of trouble with their family and otherwise with the grandma being the only good voice. So in that tension, just hanging out with Yatora seems to help them a bit more on their journey through self discovery. Two different entries of self discovery at once here.

So in essence, this episode was pretty well rounded and solid. I think last episode was stronger, but this was a good feedback on how to find a way through art and themselves.

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