Restaurant to Another World: A Strange Anomaly

Restaurant to Another World is an easy show to explain to people. The title says it all really. What else is there to add? Characters from a pretty classic D&D like setting visit the mysterious Nekoya Western Restaurant and see and eat food beyond their wildest dreams. Every Saturday, a door opens up somewhere in that universe to this restaurant and a strange cast of characters from all classes and races show up to just enjoy some good food. That’s it. No other things to say. It is one of those comfy shows whose episodes focus on worry and torment in the D&D realm find some element of comfort in this restaurant. It’s not amazing, but I am happy there is a season 2 airing.

Now the interesting part of anime series is how the world of this show interacts with this mystical restaurant that no one has any control over. It is one of that magical items that exists in which only a few people have connections to or a way into for that small amount of time. In a world where the humans are severely racist against elves and half elves alike, where rich people have access to it most of the time despite the noted cheapness of the tasty food, and so many other things, the Restaurant is just a restaurant. So, there is some terribleness about the universe that can wonder in the show, but that stops outside the door. It and its owners see nothing of value against those who wish to order food as long as they can because the food is cheap. In fact, it’s pretty clear the restaurant didn’t need these patrons to survive.

What makes me curious about the restaurant is how this magical connection with another world happened in the first place. What possessed this otherwise normal restaurant to dig into this alternative more medieval like fantasy universe? It would be an interesting backstory to explore because this doesn’t happen by everyday circumstances. Magic on this level doesn’t just happen out of nowhere unless a person is connected to magic for everyday. Was it a push for more customers to keep the Nekoya open? Was it a wizard traveling to our human world and decided they didn’t want to forget about the world they came in completely when they made a restaurant? Questions I really want to be answered.

In the end, this mystical restaurant is itself, but change the world and people people around it behind differently like any new mystical item of untold value and mysticism have in them. In general, people from all over that world just meet each other and eat the delicious food everyday because it’s a comfy environment. No one judges the other there, yet the rich and royalty see it as another means of convenience of acquiring gods that no cook in their area could ever make. The business types wish to understand how the food is made and get rich off of it. Some people go on a life’s journey to make it to this restaurant or figure out how to cook food that is better. None of those effect the restaurant itself. Could be because of the six or less days the restaurant is opened in the normal world. Could be because it just doesn’t care. It is an entity that just exists in untold places at well told times.


  1. I recall the explanation being that when the legendary hero defeated the demon lord, space was warped and said hero was cast into our world from their own, where she met and married the chef who owned the restaurant, and she did some magic to connect it with her original world through the warped space. I forget if there was any more explanation provided, but I imagine it allowed her to share good food with her old friends, keeping in touch with them while enjoying a fresh, new life unburdened by the pressures which would have followed her had she remained in her original world.

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    1. They did explain the magic connection between the restaurant and the other world in the last season, but didn’t go into detail of how that connection is formed. Like Merlin says, she might have did som magic to connect the two worlds. I wonder if it explains more in detail in the light novel? I already found some differences between the two when I read the light novel.

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