Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2021 Anime Season Week 6

AMAIM Warrior At The Border Episode 6

Read the collab episode review with Irina here: Link

Rumble Garanndoll Episode 5

Even with Rin awake, it’s still time for Yuki to make her rise again. Her cynicism leaving behind her lack of love of being an idol, she ran away and started to work at a store. So yeah, it was time for Hoshimichi to get her motivation by by not only getting Yuki to find her love again but also for her to still love it despite all the flaws she has. Suddenly, idol power saved Akibahara’s power and Akihabara’s culture in justice against the True Army. This is definitely a harem show, but one that I like with minimalist but cute and awesome mecha stuff. I like it. More please!

The Heike Story Episode 9

Well, there was a large variety of things that happened in this episode. Yup, damn. Just one of the most explosive episode there. Well, Biwa did join a group of female entertainers for a while until she meets her mother who can see the future and finally knows her real name Asagi until Biwa corrects her. So yes, that was the light hearted part of the episode an that was rather comfy all around that needed to be there until all the crazy things exploded. She will be there to record each Heike member’s lives and deaths.

The parts set on the Heike were so explosive in art direction while sad in so many character ways. The Heike actually walking from Fukuhara to their new base deep in the rain and mud. No place to go because the Ginji gain more and more allies. Kiyotsune’s suicide into the water was explosively sad and it was just…whoa man. Whoa. The battle led by Sugemori was alright until the chaos happened and Atsumori’s death at the hands of a war lord was insanely good and sad.

I just…this episode was so good on so many levels. Its kind of incredible. Please watch this show.

Sakugan Episode 6

This episode was just…yeah. I mean a lot of stuff happened in not America? Gagumber and Memempbu captured by the Yuri rebellion in a nation that says everything is equal when its not. I guess I’ve just spend time with a character that I am really not a fan of at all. Also, Zackletu was there too even if she did nothing. Blah blah, underdog story. Blah blah using the system against the president. Blah blah, can we get back to adventuring please instead of half baked ideas? Thank you.

Komi Can’t Communication Episode 4

This episode made me feel actively uncomfortable and thinking about dropping the show. The first bit of the self imposed war between Yadano and Komi was hilarious and that was only the first five minutes. The rest of the episode with Yandere Yamai was just…why? Especially with Tadano tied up in her room and then closet ready to die? At least Osana and Komi were there and stopped everything that happened. And also, Yamai became Komi’s friend for some reason? I just…no. Please let next episode be better.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2 Episode 7

Pretty interesting segments here. They couldn’t be different then each other. I liked the first portion of this episode with the two nations with Japanese styles at war with each other. One from the sea and one in the mountains. They don’t have an agreement with each other until they had each other’s Okonomiyaki. Cool stuff. Then there was the isolated elf who has never had a interaction figure out what cuisine is when checking out some shaved ice. A victim of some infection 200 years before? I find the world building in this episode fascinating.

86 Part 2 Episode -NA-

No episode this week.

Lupin The Third: Part 6 Episode 5

This episode was a lot of fun. Lupin III getting sent into the early Shouwa Era as the first Lupin was a great concept. Especially since the cast, for the small time they were in it, have been developed pretty decently. That’s a very good thing that a two part episode can do and this was part one. Great character and stakes development, great cast, great heist for the ancient Chinese clock. I honestly have nothing to say about it because it was just so much fun. I love seeing the Lupin cast playing different roles. Couldn’t help but smile watching this today :).

Blue Period Episode 6

This episodes certainly go by pretty quickly huh? Yet, they always accomplish so much. This for sure. I really do like this episode where someone’s dislike can motivate a person further. That was what pushed Yatora onward and it makes a lot of sense from an artistic level. I am glad to finally see the stress of the art school happen and Oba sensei just being herself and a lot of fun. I really do think she is pushing him in the right direction with getting Yatora to be more confident with himself and his art and not just by copying. Yatora is a fast learner, but pretty thick headed.

The most important part was getting to know more about Kawuna finally. A mask behind her genius was unveiled a bit more. Her looking down at other people’s suffering to fuel her own fire, fighting against the reputation of her sister that is constantly weighting down on her, and the constant pushing of food. In that short amount of time, the show did a really good job of characterizing her. Not to mention how her and Yatora react are pretty cool and comfy in their own way. Just a great episode all around here honestly with noticeable signs in Yatora’s art improvement.

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