Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2021 Anime Season Week 7

AMAIM Warrior At The Border Episode 7

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Rumble Garanndoll Episode 6

Well, that was the most harem episode of this show so far and yet, it also advanced a lot of good characters beats in a way that I like. Plus, good weight and body positivity too. I mean, the two girls had their own argument over Hoshimichi, but it really wasn’t anything huge. Same with Yuki and Rin spending time in the classic anime bath with Mimi-kun so there was some obscured fanservice there and when they put their clothes on afterwards, but this was pretty time for anime. Their underwear was probably supposed to represent their own personalities or I am reading too much into it.

The real plot of the True Army being an alternative reality where the Japan that won WWII is invading current Japan is something interesting. If anything, it adds quite a bit commentary to the situation at hand. And I suppose we also saw some stakes to Hoschimichi’s situation too. For instance, Balzac really had his passion’s switched with a battery girl that was Mimi-kun probably. The usual doubting of Hoshimichi’s belief in this war was something to consider too. If anything, there really is stakes at play which made this whole experience something to look deeper into.

So yeah, good episode I think. I really do enjoy this show.

The Heike Story Episode 10

Well, talk about the final setting of pieces before the end next week. Man, this one is going to hurt isn’t it? I mean, the Heike are completely finished. In this episode, Koremori finally wimps out and commits suicide by the monks without even talking to his family. The only brother left is Sukemori who wants to fight as long as he can. Biwa also returns to the Heike compound to capture the Heike’s end of days. Finally, all the pieces are in place. Finally, the Genji have the 1,000 boats of the Heike cornered with the Tokuko and the emperor as innocent as ever. Good episode all around, but nothing compared to last episode or what is going to happen in episode 11 probably.

Sakugan Episode 7

Oh hey, the adventure is finally happening. With Memempbu and Gagumber having guests by the name of Zackletu and Yuri. This was the most boring day episode. Lots and lots of repeated lines of dialogue and things until you start to learn the point of why those are happening. Same with Memempbu’s dreams coming into play here as well. Lots of good and decent tension between father and daughter, hard reasons to share here too, and other things. Just a well rounded episode as well.

Komi Can’t Communication Episode 5

Ok, I liked this episode a lot more then the last one. Still a decent show and not much else honestly. I still find Yamano’s quick and self decided antics to be pretty cool as well. I also like how this episode is progressing Komi’s work by Namiji pushing her to more uncomfortable things better. I also like the ramen restaurant visit from Agari’s help and Komi’s reactions with Nakanaka (the chuunibyo). All very decently funny things and i like it in general. Thank you for being better.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2 Episode 8

Wow, Kurou is certainly being more active recently. Especially sine vampires started to show up at the Nekoya. I noticed that our Romeo and Juliet have turned into vampires recently and their meeting with other new vampire Rorona was interesting. Especially since they ate Roast Beef together. Then Hilda came back with her squad to eat cheese cake. All sorts of different cheese cakes. Kurou stopping Rorona from killing Alletta and taking the adventurers weapons before a fight starts was great. Definitely a better then average episode of this show.

86 Part 2 Episode 7

This episode was the great send off episode for the next large military operation against the Morpho and the Federacy of Giad. I really do like Wentz a lot in this episode for coming with Shin and the rest of the 86 on their own journey. I hope she is the best pilot possible for their combined B-2 and B-52 bomber plane. I also feel like the tension between Frederica and Shin was correct because Frederica really can’t escape her past can she? At some point, she really does not to see Shin and Kiri as different people. So yeah, this was a good episode to return to this show far.

Lupin The Third: Part 6 Episode 6

It was a holodeck episode all along :D. Just Goemon and Lupin stuck in some women’s past for early shouwa characters from Edogawa. I think that just works for this set of episodes. I think that the show was honestly a little too self aware with itself to be considered a true past. Especially since it did announce a lot of the main people from an Edogawa story (from what I’ve learned) and played it like fanservice. For all the non crime capor in the end, Lupin discovering what this story was and then having characters interact with that knowledge was interesting. Or was it an actual time line thing. Whose to know. Either way, I found his two parter very charming.

Blue Period Episode N/A

I don’t know what happened, but this week’s episode was delayed. Considering that the episode is done in Japan, I am assuming that it has something to with subtitling probably. Some party must have fallen behind. A complete bummer considering that this episode would be so high energy and in stress. Well, I guess what happens happens. Hopefully its here next week.

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