More Spaceships in Anime

A long time ago, I wrote a post about spaceships in anime. You can read that post here: Link. I wrote that when I first started out and for some reason it has been continuous site hit for years. In that post had a lot of ships from bigger science fiction anime that I’ve seen at that point. So obviously it’s time to talk about some more now. Some anime ships were missed on that list because it a list of five which was hard at that time because of the amount of famous ships out there. So further do, let’s jump into more spaceships for anime that I’ve seen since then.

Yeah, this list should be fun because I hope that there is some unexpected choices. Feel free to add your own ships if you want. I won’t stop you. In fact, why would I? Anime space ships are kind of awesome. The only limit thing to remember is that this list is not ranked at all. These are just thing that I enjoy.

Space Ship: Super Maddock
Anime: The Ultraman

Somewhat obscure one I think, but it’s a really cool shop. The SDS or Science Defense Squad can use this spacecraft to do anything that the episode plot demands it to. For instance, it can go into the depths of the ocean or fly into space without breaking a sweat. It’s also very cool and has the most advanced technology on Earth which makes it a great vehicle for th eplot to happen.

For other series, it would be better. For The Ultraman, it either barely saves Ultraman when he is fighting a monster and stuck in some kind of struggle. Or it could be completely useless and needs to be saved by Ultraman after such a large incident that incapacities human beings that do not have Ultrman in them. But still, the ship is very cool.

Space Ship: The World
Anime: Norn 9

A big question on whether this counts as a spaceship, but I think it does. For all the problems I had with Norn9, the world is so cool. A giant ball that is a living city taking people with powers from location to another here. I love that here. Its origins are unknown for a while and I think that makes it even cooler for all of this here. What else can I say? I would want to live on it.

Spaceship: Arcadia
Anime: Choose a Captain Harlock Series

Do I even need to say about this ship? It’s the Arcadia, the infamous and invisible pirate ship captained by the best captain ever in anime fighting for the freedom of the Earth. You can feel the freedom and the pirate spirit just looking at it and it’s such a great vessel to carry the characters from one plot to another here. I can look and dig all of that here. I love it. One of the most iconic spaceships here.

Spaceship: Basroil
Anime: Banner of the Stars

This is Lafiel’s spaceship, a small assault ship that barely does anything in combat scenarios. But still, it is Lafiel and Jinto’s ship. A ship that is very tough and survives lots of conflict in the show itself. It’s such a good assault ship with a well trained and very entertaining crew. Even if it doesn’t have as much impact against the war, this is where Lafiel starts her rising in the ranks. This is the war of the United Forces of Mankind vs the Abh and the Abh will prevail.

Spaceship: Juraian Tree Spaceships
Anime: Pick a Tenchi Muyo

As it was mentioned to me, yeah. These spaceships are the coolest. Living trees that become the largest battleships known to man here. Kind of amazing or incredible here. Excellence all around here. These shps really follow so many philosophies for their people as space elves. Theyare intune with nature and magical technology in a way that not many anime series can really do or discover here. I can look and dig that.

Spaceship: Astra
Anime: Astra Lost in Space

If there is a spaceship that feels like home well…there is a lot of them but I think the Astra should count as one. This is the place where a group of teenagers learned more about themselves and survived a great journey. This is the ship where everything just worked for them. I love the design of it too. It’s a very special ship that deserves some recognition.

There are so many cool bits of space ships in anime. As I’ve stated before, if I’ve missed anything on this list or any other list please let me know. Okay? Okay.

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